July 28th excerpt:

“A suit, though?” Jacob asked, exasperation leaking into his tone. He’d look like some stupid doll if he wore that. “It’ll just get messed up in a pocket anyway… ” he trailed off and shoved his hands into his pocket again. Dean seemed so damn pleased with his idea. “It’s not like I mind the helping, and we both know I’d rather run the other direction if monsters or kids show up.”

Dean brightened up at that. “Exactly! So long as we’re on the same page when it comes to hunting, we won’t have a problem out there. You get to come along and help with research and listen in on interviews, and I gank the creeps that cause it.”

That decided, the little suit was placed on the table next to the collection of clothing Dean had brought with him. “There’s a case a few towns over we can head to once we eat,” Dean said.

“I… huh,” Jacob muttered, his brow furrowing. He hadn’t thought he was just agreeing to the suit, but he supposed he could see why it sounded that way. Shit. Can’t take it back now, he thought ruefully. 

Dean was too damn proud of himself for the idea.

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