Out of curiosity, will you be adding chapters to some of your other series like Brothers Adopted or Brothers Asunder? If so, do you have any idea if that will be in the near future? (Honestly, I’m absolutely feeling starved to know more about these stories.) Also, I know you have something similar in Prompts, but would you be willing to have more story with Sam finding Dean as the borrower? Would a Brother Found situation even be possible with Jacob helping Dean find Sam? Thanks for the stories!

You betcha! 

There’s plenty more planned in these stories. Brothers Adopted we still need to write out, but Brothers Asunder already has several stories composed and waiting to post. Asunder will continue as soon as it wins the poll with Dean of Nowhere, the follow-up to Sam of Wellwood. And what an adventure it will be!

( @bittykimmy is still mad at us for that story, btw )

As for the rest, we already have this planned out 😉

Sam winced, but didn’t have time to mull it over before the second, newer person whirled around and focused on him.

“And you!

The tone of voice was forceful enough to make Sam wince. It almost reminded him of getting scolded in class, or maybe–

He pushed the second image out of his mind. This guy was nothing like his father when he harped on a subject. John Winchester had a strong presence about him, so Sam couldn’t figure out why this person who stood barely a fingerlength tall might remind him of him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, catching a kid? ” Dean practically spat out. “He’s not bothering anyone!”

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