So lately I can’t get the idea out of my head that, as an interlude like when Sam had his first drink, they find a way for Dean to get shrunk down (not by the actual curse obviously) for a 24 hour period. This way Sam can show Dean about his world and the brothers can have a tiny- pardon the pun- bit of time at together again at the same scale!

Oh, you bet!

This is the kind of scene I’ve wanted to do with them for a while, and though it won’t be a short interlude, there will definitely be Sam and Dean at the same scale for a bit, where Sammy can finally show his big bro what it’s really like!

Dean took his time next to the burger, carefully selecting a bit of everything and then haphazardly cramming it all between two pieces of the bun. The size only put him off a little; seeing a burger that rose over his head was unexpected, but he’d spent the last two years watching Sam interact with food like this. He knew the motions to go through with.

Strolling over to Sam’s spot, Dean sat down right next to his little brother (who was currently also the larger brother), and offered a bit of burger he’d put together.

Sam nearly turned it down like normal, but he saw the hopeful look at Dean’s face, and the way the small snack had far more vegetables than grease and bacon. With a small sigh, he took it, dropping his chunk of fruit. “Thanks.”

In an oddly familiar scene, Sam and Dean ate their food side-by-side, the way they were meant to, once upon a time.

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