What would happen if big Sam offers tiny Dean some knife lessons? Would Dean be offended and react angrily, or maybe something else entirely? When they were kids, it used to be Dean teaching Sam, it was his job as the older brother to keep his younger brother as safe as possible and give a way to protect himself. After the curse, Dean stopped getting lessons from their dad, unlike Sam, who grew up to be a trained hunter. *bonus* what would happen if we add a smol Jacob to the scenario (bftp)?

Dean was actually fully versed in the weapons he used when he was cursed at 14. He’s trained to use a shotgun since he was very young, with the help of Bobby and his father, and he’s kept a knife by his side the entire time, whether it was his silver knife or a regular hunting knife.

Sam could offer, but chances are that they’re pretty even. Dean would be tempted to challenge him to see who’s moves are better, though that’s a difficult contest when Dean could stand on Sam’s knife!

Jacob is the eternal little brother of these two, they’ll both be willing to give him some help perfecting his moves.

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