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thepoisonlily asked:

How do Dean’s “big brother instincts” change from when he’s big and Sam’s little, to the opposite, and to when they’re both little? To clarify, as the literal bigger brother, I’ve noticed that he spends much of his time having to be so careful over every single action and his over protective side often makes him full of guilt and regret and it makes me wonder how that translates in the different situations.

Oh man. The way Dean’s big brother instincts change in the AUs is always so fun.

Big Dean and tiny Sam (’canon’ Brothers Apart):

Tries to big brother Sam. Discovers Sam values independence. Attempts to back down and totally fails. Sam lets Dean big brother him, all while amused at how much effort Dean’s putting into all this.

Big Sam and tiny Dean (Brothers Saved):

Fusses over his kid brother growing up. Will fight if anyone ever dismisses Sam in front of him. Only stands up to their dad if it’s Sam he’s standing up for. Sam will knock anyone’s lights out if they try and stop Dean from big brothering. Do not try to shush his big brother, thanks very much. 

Tiny bros together:

Mess with Sam and Dean will absolutely do anything to protect him. If he can’t reach Sam or is completely helpless (IE how Jacob first met Sam in Lost), Dean will attempt to bargain himself away if only to save his little brother. Fairly close to canon Dean in reactions.

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