Well, they’d be trapped in that motel. Saved by Walt and Mallory, stuck waiting in a motel with their lives going nowhere unless…

Oh, wait. This is one of those times when I get an idea for an entire crossover AU.

How about we call it Brothers Lost?

He was supposed to be out there. Saving people. Hunting things.

He wasn’t supposed to be the victim. Trapped by a witch and a curse that tore his entire world away. Everything gone but Sam himself.

Send in any prompts you think of for this idea and read the little drabble I came up with below! 

I’m thinking if it gets written in its entirety, it’ll be added into the supply of AU ideas that have been written out and I’ll poll for which of these stories people want posted once A Lich of Sense is finished! (Some AU’s contain spoilers for that story)

Other AU’s created for this so far include Brothers Together and the ‘verse where a kid finds Sam before Dean. And one that no one has guessed so far. And now Brothers Lost.

“You know, you’ve done a lot of stupid things before, but this has to take the cake!”

Dean rolled his eyes and didn’t break stride. Sam had to walk faster to catch up, grumbling about his older brother’s stubborn behavior.

“Dammit, Dean. We can’t go into that room. We have no idea when that kid’s coming back. Hell, for all we know he just stepped outside to take a smoke!”

Sam finally got a hand on Dean’s shoulder, and tried to whirl him around. Dean caught his arm and used his momentum against him, sending him flying into the ground with a practiced motion. He grinned down at the frazzled Sam he was holding down. “You’re getting soft there, kiddo.”

Sam made a face and kicked up with a leg. He managed to catch Dean’s side, flipping him onto the ground in seconds. “You were saying, jackass?”

“Get off me.”

Sam helped Dean to his feet. “C’mon, let’s just head back, wait until it’s night. We can hit the room then. Walt never has to know we were here.”

Dean threw him a look. “All you do is argue with Walt! I can’t believe what I’m hearing!”

“Sure, I argue with him, but this? And for what – a slice of pie?”

Dean held out his arms. “How often do we see a slice of pie left out in a room? Hell, how often do we see it just vanish into the fridge whether they remember it or not? Sam, I’ve got to try. We might not get this chance again!”

It hurt for him to admit that, but it was sadly true for them both. Thirteen years ago, they’d gone to a motel with their dad. He was on a hunt, searching for missing children in the area.

He’d left them alone in the room.

Dean wasn’t completely sure what had happened that night. He could remember a woman, standing inside the door. The door itself bolted shut. Himself, slammed against the wall.

A flash of white hitting Sam.

Before Dean could react past the shock that covered his face, the same flash had slammed into him.

Then he was falling.

The next thing he could remember was waking up, his entire world changed. It was dark. Closed off. Two people were in the room watching over them. A woman, her blonde hair and blue eyes gentle as she helped Dean off of the stacked up fabric. She was tiny, even next to himself as a kid. In fact, Sam wasn’t far off of her height back then. He’d outgrown her in only a few years.

Mallory and Walt had tried to convince him, but he didn’t want to see the truth. He didn’t want to hear that he’d been cursed and stood under four inches tall.

He’d found Sam. They’d tried to run off into dark corridors, following dusty paths. Walt had found them in time to get them to safety. In his urgency, Dean had burst into an occupied motel room.

Occupied by giants.

Over the years they’d both come to terms with their new lives. Walt and Mallory had helped them adjust to the way things were. Finding supplies, knowing where and when to find food. All the lessons that they both needed to know to survive.

These days, Dean lived on his own. He’d found a place to make his own and had spent his time adjusting it to be livable just like Walt and Mallory had done with their own. Mallory helped him with fabrics, making up wall hangings to drape on the walls and covers for his own nest of blankets. Sam had a bed of his own back with Walt and Mallory. Dean had insisted that his younger brother use it back when they’d discovered it in abandoned motel room.

Sam came to stay with him more often than not. It didn’t feel right to be too far apart after everything they’d survived together. Dean knew that it was assumed that Sam would eventually court Krissy, but Sam was uncomfortable with the idea. There were no girls in the area that were Dean’s age, so he was left on his own.

To brood, mostly.

Which was why Sam had a habit of showing up at the worst times, trying to keep his big brother’s mind off of their situation.

Like right now, when he was trying to sneak into a room where the guest had left out a slice of pie.

I mean, who can turn down a slice of pie?

First of all, I love all your stories with a burning passion. I lost count how many times I’ve reread several of them: from the prompts, to the BA series, BT series, and other SPN stories on your DA. They are all so good! 

I am actually wondering,in BT series, had Sam ever been able to prank Dean in his sleep? 

I’m so glad to hear! It makes my day to discover other fans of my stories :hug: I obsess over them just as much, trust me. Lots of rereading :3 And lots of imagining new stories for the future. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas, especially not with the inspiration you all give me every day!

He hasn’t, but that’s just because he hasn’t had the time to prank Dean yet. Once he’s used to being small, it won’t be long before he’s getting Dean back for all the jokes.

Sneak Peek!

In celebration of reaching ten stories for Brothers Apart, this story is a special edition. It brings in a new set of characters that I’m very excited for everyone to welcome into the BA universe!

A Lich of Sense arrives officially on December 11th.

Over the last hour, Dean’s movements had become more sluggish, his snark slowing down compared to normal. Sam could feel a pang of fear whenever he caught sight of Dean’s arm. His brother had tied a tourniquet to slow the bleeding while they were walking, but the red stain had continued to spread.

Dean was weakening, and there was nothing he could do.

“Dean, how–” Sam’s query was cut short when the massive hunter suddenly dropped down, going to a sit with his legs crossed. He leaned back against a tree, closing his eyes to the silence of the forest.

It took Sam a few moments to recover, shoulders slightly shaking from the terror of the ground dropping out from under him. It gave the effect of being trapped in free-fall, with no seatbelt to secure him in place. Dean had never done anything like that without warning, or making sure Sam was secure.

“Dean, you alright?” Sam asked worriedly once he caught his breath again. The huge hunter was paler than normal, his lips a brighter pink against the whitened skin.

A green eye cracked open, searching out Sam. “Yeah, Sammy. I’ll be okay. Just… gotta rest for a bit…”

Worry spiked in Sam even more. It wasn’t like Dean to just rest like this… not on a case… and with his injury beyond Sam’s ability to handle, Sam couldn’t risk Dean dropping off into a deep sleep. Most of the time, Dean was an extraordinarily light sleeper, waking at the smallest noises around him (like Sam, arguing with his father by Dean’s laptop that first time they’d met up again), but other times nothing could budge him, come hell or high water.

Standing precariously on his perch, Sam shoved roughly against Dean’s cheek. It was clammy to the touch, ratcheting Sam’s worry up another notch. “C’mon, Godzilla. No falling asleep. You have townspeople to terrify.”

This elicited a grumble from the hunter, but nothing more. Thankful that Dean was still responsive, Sam started to climb down the long sleeve to where Dean’s hands were folded on his lap.

He had an idea.

Prompts Open for Brothers Together!

Just a friendly reminder that if anyone has any prompts for Oscar and his adventures with the brothers, they are currently open! Remember, the more prompts and ideas we get for them, the longer the story will go for before it concludes. All rules for standard prompts apply, and you can find them here.

To catch up on the storyline so far, check out the series: Brothers Together.

Asks and submissions are open as always for all AU’s!

They’d love Sam all the same. After seeing how him and Dean are with the others that were captured, Walt realized that size really didn’t matter when it came to his adopted sons… because after everything else, he’s adopted Dean as surely as he adopted Sam. They just don’t quite realize it.

There would be a lot of shock, and it might be bittersweet to see Sam ‘regular’ sized after all those years raising him up as one of their own. And Sam would be sad to realize he could never go home again, because he’d never fit. But he’d be where he belonged, with his brother, and he’d never forget them. 

Considering their run of luck, it’s a definite possibility. Dean takes every precaution around the room when they’re alone, including salt lines around the room and sleeping with his colt under his pillow. Sam doesn’t go far from Dean at night, sleeping on the pillow next to where his brother is.

And most nights, Dean hugs the pillow he’s on.

If anything happens, they’ll have to deal with it as best they can.

This is an interesting thought, and one I never thought about before! I’ve always kept Dean to be 6′1″ to stay in line with the television show, but it would certainly be a possibility! Maybe that’s how Sam ended up being 6′4″ in the first place! Big bro spent all those years watching out for Sam and did such a good job that he lost out with the height race.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

The difference between Brothers Together and Brothers Apart will be that Sam will actually be growing up with Dean. So instead of going from one extreme to the other like in the original story, it’s going to happen gradually. Sam will adjust as they both grow and it’ll feel normal to him to see Dean at his adult size by the time they get there. In this AU they’re going to be more adjusted to each other than they are in BA from the start.

Oh, and with this prompt you’ve stumbled onto another ‘secret’ project of mine. It’s actually been in progress for a bit now, working on a storyline with Sam being discovered before Dean ever reached Trails West. Here’s a snippet from the story, arriving sometime after summer, 2016:

In. Out. What could go wrong?

Sam knew he was in trouble the moment the shadows above shifted.

A prickle went up his neck. Shit… Sam thought to himself. He pushed his legs to run even harder, desperate to get out of sight. Either he’d overestimated his ability at staying silent or he’d underestimated the human.

Whichever it was, he was in trouble.

A shadow fell over him. Gasping, the cracker tumbled out of his hands as he tried to get that last ounce of speed that would get him behind the nightstand and back to safety. Just a little more… Like Walt always said, a bit of food wasn’t worth any of their lives.

If only Sam had listened to his advice and hadn’t been so overconfident.

A huge hand snatched at him. It was too fast for Sam to even hope to dodge. He was fumbling at his jacket, trying desperately to yank out his knife even as a thumb and four massive fingers relentlessly closed around his body.

And then it was too late.

Sam’s arms were sealed to his side, his knife inexorably out of reach the moment the hand closed around him. Desperate struggles were muffled in the thick skin that surrounded his body. It was like none of his movements could make an effect.

The world dropped away beneath him, receding into the distance as Sam was yanked into the air. He let out a desperate gasp, unable to concentrate as his surroundings spiraled around him. The human was shifting him to an easier position to see.

As the light clicked on, Sam almost went blind at first. His eyes, so well-adjusted to the darkness in the walls, had difficulty focusing in the bright light of the room, especially when it was completely unexpected. Sam tried to flinch back, then twitched in the other direction when he saw a huge thumb brush over his shoulder. He shivered, realizing how helpless he was in this human’s hands.

Sam could see every ridge, every crevice in the hand curled around him. Nothing he did could loosen up his arms. His satchel was crushed into his side, and his scared hazel eyes stared up at the huge human, afraid of what would happen to him. Walt’s voice echoed in his head, reminding him how it was almost impossible to escape a human after being caught.

They’d never been able to rescue Bree…


Any theories on who caught Sam? Any ideas for what’s about to happen? Feel free to share!

Sam and his cracker commissioned from @mogadeer. Do not get between Sam and his cracker! Do not!