Oh, and with this prompt you’ve stumbled onto another ‘secret’ project of mine. It’s actually been in progress for a bit now, working on a storyline with Sam being discovered before Dean ever reached Trails West. Here’s a snippet from the story, arriving sometime after summer, 2016:

In. Out. What could go wrong?

Sam knew he was in trouble the moment the shadows above shifted.

A prickle went up his neck. Shit… Sam thought to himself. He pushed his legs to run even harder, desperate to get out of sight. Either he’d overestimated his ability at staying silent or he’d underestimated the human.

Whichever it was, he was in trouble.

A shadow fell over him. Gasping, the cracker tumbled out of his hands as he tried to get that last ounce of speed that would get him behind the nightstand and back to safety. Just a little more… Like Walt always said, a bit of food wasn’t worth any of their lives.

If only Sam had listened to his advice and hadn’t been so overconfident.

A huge hand snatched at him. It was too fast for Sam to even hope to dodge. He was fumbling at his jacket, trying desperately to yank out his knife even as a thumb and four massive fingers relentlessly closed around his body.

And then it was too late.

Sam’s arms were sealed to his side, his knife inexorably out of reach the moment the hand closed around him. Desperate struggles were muffled in the thick skin that surrounded his body. It was like none of his movements could make an effect.

The world dropped away beneath him, receding into the distance as Sam was yanked into the air. He let out a desperate gasp, unable to concentrate as his surroundings spiraled around him. The human was shifting him to an easier position to see.

As the light clicked on, Sam almost went blind at first. His eyes, so well-adjusted to the darkness in the walls, had difficulty focusing in the bright light of the room, especially when it was completely unexpected. Sam tried to flinch back, then twitched in the other direction when he saw a huge thumb brush over his shoulder. He shivered, realizing how helpless he was in this human’s hands.

Sam could see every ridge, every crevice in the hand curled around him. Nothing he did could loosen up his arms. His satchel was crushed into his side, and his scared hazel eyes stared up at the huge human, afraid of what would happen to him. Walt’s voice echoed in his head, reminding him how it was almost impossible to escape a human after being caught.

They’d never been able to rescue Bree…


Any theories on who caught Sam? Any ideas for what’s about to happen? Feel free to share!

Sam and his cracker commissioned from @mogadeer. Do not get between Sam and his cracker! Do not!

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