We made it Sam, Dean and Oscar’s first snow day after Sam’s curse!

Oscar found himself with two eager hands around his arm, tugging him out of bed and out of sleepiness. With his free hand, he rubbed his eyes to wake up a little faster.

“Sam?” he slurred. “It isn’t Sat … Saturday again yet, right?” he asked, a yawn cutting his question off in the middle.

“Nope!” Sam said excitedly as bounced to his feet. “It’s even better! ”

While Oscar was waking up, Sam excitedly moved around the room, unable to contain himself. His grey cloth bag from Oscar was slung over his shoulders, and it bumped against his side while he moved. A steady stream of words passed his lips with no way of knowing how much actually sank into Oscar’s mind in his sleepy haze.

“You’ll have to get something to cover up your hands, and maybe some extra shirts,” Sam prattled happily on, “I even have the extra dollhouse shirts that Dean got me on so I keep warm. And nice and warm feet, can’t let them get cold or we’ll have to come in early. I mean, how many times do we get a snow day this early on in the year?!” His eyes shone with his excitement.

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