Sam’s clothing in Brothers Asunder is all sprite made (with a few differences, seeing as he doesn’t have to accommodate wings). Generally, that means soft, earthy-colored cotton clothes of simple design. His shirts would mostly be simple brown or green garments – sprites don’t do buttons.

His pants are sturdy and breathable, and some are decorated with vine-like patterns at the side seams. They are tucked into knee-high boots. The boots lace up at the front and are more supple than heavy, lending themselves perfectly to dexterous movement.

Sam wears a long-sleeved jacket cut to about mid-thigh. It is, like most sprite garments, simple in design, lacking a lapel or even anything to fasten it shut. The grass-green jacket with elegant patterning at the hem is the uniform for a Knight of Wellwood. Most of the knights’ jackets have slits up the back for their wings but Sam’s does not need them. Even so, he wears his sword belt around the jacket like they do.

He’s made some minor modifications to his jacket. Among these are a hidden inner pocket for his quintessential knife, made for him by Dean before he was cursed and thus one of his most cherished possessions. Sam is the only knight who carries a knife in addition to the rapiers they all carry.

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