For the AU, they won’t meet. (At least… they won’t meet yet. There’s always the possibility it will happen in the future.)

But, the good news is you will get to see Oscar and Jacob encounter each other at least once in our AUs, maybe even more than once! 

“Okay. You’re okay, I promise,” Jacob continued. He slipped a hand under the guy’s other shoulder and helped him sit up. The little guy let him, but when he looked up and caught a glimpse of Dean again he started to quake. Jacob, acting on impulse, pulled him into a hug so he couldn’t see Dean’s huge face looking down on him. Not until he calmed down. The tactic seemed to help, because the smaller person didn’t try to squirm out of the protective hug.

“H-he’s … he’s so … he’s a human … he’s a human,” the smaller man breathed, talking through his shock.

“Sure is,” Jacob answered. “And he’s not gonna hurt anybody, we all just got a little high strung this morning, that’s all. Everything’s fine, honest.”

Oscar shuddered and worked his hands up to his face. He scrubbed at his eyes, a task made tricky the way his arms were shaking. When he looked up again, he leaned a little to peek timidly around Jacob. Awe and trepidation in his eyes met growing concern. He broke eye contact quickly, unable to hold a lengthy stare with such an intense, giant face.

“I-I didn’t mean to,” he mumbled out. “I was just looking around.” He sat back and Jacob let him, though one of his hands hovered near Oscar’s shoulder for a beat longer before lowering away. Oscar brushed away any lingering tears waiting on his eyes with the heel of his hand. So long as he avoided looking up at Dean’s face, he could try to pick up the pieces of his shattered nerves.

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