Oh my God. This is excellent, throwing salt right back at me. I’m so pleased (not sarcasm)! Instead of Bathroom Anon I’m gonna dub you Sassy Anon and now you’re one of my fave Anons. Bless you.

As for the clarification/question, yeah. Accidents can happen. If they do, it’s just a cleanup deal. The young sprite in question hides in embarrassment for a day or two, before it’s right back to playing outside and hopefully paying more attention to when they need to make a trip.

Funerary rites aren’t generally a huge affair, though there is often a period of mourning for those close to the one who died. Wood sprites especially value life and all aspects of it, and that includes dying as a part of it. The family will lean on each other as they miss their loved one, but they will also find solace in knowing that their soul has returned to be with the Spirit.

The bodies are usually wrapped in leaves and buried someplace outside the village, usually opting for the ground outside the circle of oak trees at one end of their neck of the woods. Burial keeps scavengers away.

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