May 22nd excerpt:

Meanwhile, Sam was solely focused on his target. Jacob’s steps, though they were much closer than normal, didn’t register in his mind past the simple knowledge that Jacob was there.

That, and the way the floor quaked under Sam’s determined strides.

After so long spent with the teenager, neither Sam or Dean felt any fear towards him. They were a team, and he was an important part of it. Regardless of his size, Jacob was one of their extremely few friends, and could always be counted on.

All of this let Sam focus on his goal even as he ran across the center of the towering room. Normally, it would be the most dangerous place for Sam or Dean to travel. There was no cover, no places to hide. That far from the walls, a human could grab them up without a hope. Conversely, if the humans in the room didn’t spot them, they could be crushed underfoot.

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