June 21st excerpt:

“Oh! Okay!” Mallory hugged Sam back. “Don’t let me keep you then. Just be sure to stop in later to say goodbye, and Jacob, you don’t have to worry about stomping around so much when you’re in the room! We really don’t mind. There’s no need to put yourself out for us like that.”

Jacob chuckled sheepishly, the quiet sound barely echoing out of his chest. “Ah, yeah,” he muttered, thinking of his last few days in the motel. He had hardly done much walking around, except when training with the others. Ever since learning that there was a home under those floorboards, he had paid extra attention to the so-called “earthquakes” he caused when he walked. He’d avoided the small house entirely.

Even with Mallory’s assurance, he would probably refrain from walking around unless he really needed to. “Thanks. It’s pretty relaxing anyway, so don’t worry about me too much yourself.”

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