July 15th excerpt:

Jacob had shot up in height so much that leaves and pine needles were specks to him, and cars were like models. People were pocketable. He reached out with a hesitant, curious hand and nudged at Dean’s elbow. He could still feel the texture of the leather and the creases where Dean bent his arm, but in miniature.

Dean shifted where he sat at the touch, and glanced to the side at his arm. His eyebrows went up at the sight of the huge fingertip brushing against his elbow, able to see every crease of Jacob’s fingerprint without a problem. The fingernail would so thick even a knife would have a hard time cutting in, yet Dean didn’t feel worried at all. He merely shifted away, shrugging the finger off in favor of the dime.

Over to the side, out of the way of the other two, Sam kept quiet and watched the strange interaction between the other two with a fascinated gleam in his eyes. Surreptitiously, he took out his cell phone and powered it up just long enough to snap a picture of the pair, noting briefly the lack of any bars. He grinned at the sight of Dean overshadowed by fingers longer than he was tall, ignoring the ‘threat’ that was close by. Blackmail pictures. Bobby would love to see them.

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