I think it’s best if we let Jacob answer this one…

Jacob Andris’ heart skipped a beat. His eyes widened at the sight of two normal humans standing at the opposite edge of the clearing. He still hadn’t gotten used to how small everyone looked now.

They’re not small. I’m the giant.

Not too many hikers made it up this far, and even fewer would likely try, now that there were rumors everywhere about the terrible, man-eating giant living somewhere among the cliffs. Jacob usually tried not to go walking around too much, since he knew he left a very noticeable trail as he broke frail branches away just by brushing by them.

It was hard to get enough food to sustain his new size. He had found a young mulberry tree in his wanderings of the higher slopes. He’d hoped to shake free enough of the small fruit to matter, and was considering chewing an entire branch to get some fruit when he heard it.

A voice. Turning to look at them allowed him to spot the gleam of a gun just in time. These were no normal hikers. They weren’t dressed for it, and they were armed.

He knew this would come eventually. Rumors would spread about a monster, and people would come looking for the glory of taking it down.

God. Everyone’s so scared of me, he lamented. He knew these guys wouldn’t listen any more than the others had. People took one look at his size and didn’t even bother trying to listen to him when he spoke. His voice could shake the trees.

He really had become something of a monster, wittingly or not.

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