Sam would be so peeved. What bad luck.

In BA, Dean would arch an eyebrow at his little brother, make a quip to him about how clumsy he is or how his popcorn has a bit of surprise seasoning added to it, getting a bitchface in return, then he’d detatch Sam from the popcorn. He’d be more amused than anything, but wouldn’t joke around with Sam in his mouth. Since he’s been small for so long, Sam has an innate fear of being eaten, and Dean tries to avoid setting off those instincts (most of the time; there was that one time Sam got stuck in a cup of beer). Dean’s behaved himself since then.

On the other hand, Sam also hasn’t had such bad luck with food. Dean in BL isn’t so lucky, and did take a swan dive into a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie!

“Sorry, guys, I’m sorry,” Jacob answered, looking back at them. He moved his arm out from behind his head and settled his hand near them as added security. “Dean’s … in the popcorn, I gotta get him out,” he explained, a grin plastered on his face. It almost ached not to let his laughter out, but he didn’t want to send them tumbling as much as Dean had just done.

He reached up with his other hand, over to the popcorn bowl where Dean made valiant efforts to avoid falling further in. Before he could sink into the popcorn and become even more irate, Jacob’s fingers dove in after him and closed around his tiny waist. In no time at all, he fished the tiny, flailing hunter out of the popcorn.

Jacob was still grinning once Dean was free. “Didja find a good piece?”

Dean sent Jacob his most intimidating glare. Dangling from two thick fingers, with a kernel of popcorn still clutched to his chest, the effect was ruined. Dean gave a kick with his right leg, jostling a piece of popcorn that insisted on clinging to his jeans free. Despite the fact that the fingers sealed around his waist could snap him in half if Jacob misjudged his strength, Dean wasn’t afraid at all.

He was aggravated.

“At least my piece has more butter on it!” Dean snipped in annoyance, shifting the popcorn kernel to one arm so he could begrudgingly try and fix the spike in his hair. The combination of warm grease and butter flavoring was doing him no good, and his hair was matted to his head.

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