Oh! You mean like the other half of Brothers Unexpected?

We couldn’t leave Dean completely out of the story, and what’s more unexpected than a tiny, innocent Oscar, paired up with the man that monsters fear?!

You’ve earned a full sneak peak of #auv for sure!

Oscar saw the hand coming, and felt like everything around him slowed down. From the moment that human had laid eyes on him, he’d known this would follow. The ground quaked from the giant feet hitting the floor, but Oscar could only hear the pounding of his own heart.

His mouth opened in a soundless yelp of fear and he tried to lurch backwards, scooting with his hands. The hand came closer and closer and beyond it he could see the human’s focused, intense gaze.

He couldn’t stop this from happening. It was going to go exactly as his mom always warned him it would if a human spotted him.

He’d be captured and claimed, like a pet or a toy. They might keep him in a cage so he couldn’t get away, couldn’t go free ever again. He might get hurt when the human realized why he was in the room, and he wouldn’t have any excuse other than he was hungry. Who knew if that would work?

The terror overwhelmed him and he couldn’t even prop himself up on his hands. With a cry, Oscar fell backwards, only to roll onto his side and curl up into as small a ball as he could. He was desperate to avoid getting hurt when that hand reached him and caught him.

Dean felt some of the worry and tension leave him as his hand closed around the tiny figure, scooping him easily off the ground. Now, at least, he didn’t have to fret about a tiny kid on the floor that he could accidentally step on.

Lifting his hands, closed around the tiny boy he’d seen on the floor, staring up at him with equally wide-eyed shock to what Dean felt, he wondered if he’d really seen what he thought he saw. A tiny kid? In his room. Dean knew a lot of stuff out there that people thought were myths or fairy tales were real, but… tiny kids?

Was he living The Borrowers? 

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