Bowman Lost (Preview)


Bowman – Lost. Originally from this post, I was inspired by this prompt to go a little further than with the other little drabbles. This prompt will end up being canon to the Brothers Lost supernatural GT au co-written with @nightmares06. It will follow what’s been going on with Bowman Leafwing while Sam, Dean, and Jacob are traveling around saving people and hunting things.

It’s not finished yet, but I have a sneak peek to get everyone started.

Glancing down, Bowman reflected that maybe his luck wasn’t so terrible after all. Stuck hanging in the air, no matter how uncomfortable, was better than stuck lying on the ground.

Down there, any predator could stalk up to him, vicious claws caressing the dirt, and snap him up. Bowman was more helpless than he had ever been, and he still didn’t understand just what had happened.

He wasn’t supposed to venture too far in his patrols. He was meant to fly in a radius around the village at the forest of Wellwood’s center, watching for danger. All he had to do was warn everyone of anything he saw and he was doing his job right. Even so, flying for long days exhilarated Bowman like nothing else, and so he took what excuses he could. Like any rebellious wood sprite, he’d always bent rules.

You BREAK the rules, Bowman, not just bend them! a voice piped up in his memory, sweet and colored with a laugh. Rischa, his young cousin, would surely scold him for a week once he got out of this one.

He’d flown farther than he ever dared before. When he found a tall wall made of metal grids, he had to explore beyond it. He convinced himself it was for the good of the village.

Now he was stuck in some mess of discarded rope. It was as embarrassing as it was uncomfortable.

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