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Believe it or not, that was all actual, honest to god feedback we’ve received from our stories! To be exact, the tacky lamp feedback was from the upcoming horror story in Brothers Found. Mixed up in all that angsty horror, even extra-smol Jacob’s gotta kick back and relax (or try to) from time to time.

Jacob gasped involuntarily when the platform dropped out from under them, lowering him and Sam to the small table between the vast motel beds at last. He got shakily to his feet, finally releasing Sam’s sleeve so he could make his way to the edge of the hand again. He was able to hop down from the no-longer-insignificant height, landing in a safe crouch on the bunched up fabric of the shirt. It was a softer landing than in the pocket full of change, that was for damn sure.

He settled himself down on the shirt before looking over the other things on the nightstand with them. The TV remote was several times Jacob’s length and bulky. It looked like it had seen a lot of use because many of the buttons had their symbols partially scratched off. The alarm clock was a hulking black plastic thing with red, Jacob-sized numbers glowing on the front. He hoped it wasn’t set, because Jacob knew for a fact he’d never be able to depress the gigantic snooze button atop the device. The lamp was, on principle, tacky as sin with a lampshade fifteen years too old to be modern and about the same too young to look retro. The blocky base almost looked like a flight of stairs designed by Picasso. Jacob smirked, knowing Bowman probably hated the stupid lamp for having so many of those right angles that offended his sight so much. And of course, a water tower’s worth of beer sat waiting in Dean’s red cup next to the lamp.

Bowman found a comfy place to sit on the shirt with them, sipping on his beer. He had learned a few things since his first time drinking with the humans. If he drank too quickly like he wanted, he ran out of beer, got drunk, and had his supply cut off for being ornery, especially with Dean in charge of the drinks. Jacob knew his restraint wouldn’t last, but it was kind of amusing to see the sprite at least trying to pace himself.

“Alright, well, let’s see what’s on,” Jacob announced with a grin as he waited for Sam to join them.


Artwork by @homeiswheretheheartsare

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