A New Game


AU: ?????

Rolling his shoulders, he closed his eyes and focused.

Sometimes, it was harder than it should be. He’d spent so long on the mortal plane that actually using his wings was a rusty skill that needed a good oiling.

Like today.

A little jump was all it would take, and he could go and see what was going on. Find some new friends to mess around with. It was all good-natured fun, more than Michael had ever seen. Lucy was always more fun to play games with, but these days he was more of a stick-in-the-mud than Michael ever had been. He could only hope that his older brother stayed stuck, keep them from ripping each other’s throats out like they hoped.

A flex of muscles he hadn’t used in years, and Gabriel was in flight.

Teleportation, the angelic kind, was always such a brief sensation. But when he opened up his senses, and felt the aether around him, he could see so much more than when he was simply human.

A brief tingle came, and he turned his attention to one corner of a forgettable Midwestern state in the US of A. Two brothers, and they didn’t fit the regular pattern at all.

Gabriel smiled, and let himself land not far from where one of their friends was. He flickered into view and was spotted by an aging gentleman, a simple problem solved by a wave of his hand as the man was persuaded to ‘forget’ he’d ever been there.

It was time for a little game with these brothers’ and their friends.

One word prompts open for all three admins! Just drop us a word and a character!

Send some in for us to work on over the holiday break!

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