Breakfast of Champions



This one, as shown in the picture, came in to @brothersapart, but I had an idea for the Food and Monsters storyline, Oscar’s original home.

Timeline: The morning after the end of Salads and Sulfur

It was unusual for Oscar to care about how much he overslept. His routine for his entire life had been to sleep when he was tired, and after helping Sam and Dean Winchester hunt down a demon, he’d gone to bed exhausted. The day before ran together in a long chain of scary events, many of which he’d witnessed from inside a pocket.

Oscar hadn’t yet had time to come to terms with everything, and he was already in the vents, wandering back toward that room. Back to the odd pair of brothers he’d befriended despite how crazy they could be.

If his memories were to be believed, their insanity had rubbed off on him.

In spite of himself, he was glad to hear a familiar gruff voice filtering into the air ducts. They were still there, even though he’d slept into the morning. He found that he wouldn’t even mind if breakfast was gone already. He could at least see them off before they left.

See the rest on Archive of Our Own along with the rest of the Salads and Sulfur story!

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