Character Profile: Christian Bolt


Name: Christian Bolt

Age: 34

Height: 5′6″ || 3.5″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Brown, unkempt

Gender: Male

Known Abilities: Somehow trying to keep up with Kara, who insists on making friends with any humans she can. Try not to startle him. He’s a nervous wreck.

Background: After losing his wife to humans years back, and Mikael’s wife to a rat, Christian was afraid to leave his young daughter Kara alone at home. With the humans taking people like him and Mikael away from the motel, the insects began to encroach on their homes, leaving it a dangerous place for a little girl to be without her father. All of this was rendered moot when Christian was captured, leaving Kara on her own anyway.

Quote: Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly hard…

Artwork by @mogadeer

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