Stan looks like this dude whose name apparently escapes the internet only, y’know, wearing clothes. He also has green eyes, unlike this dude.


Photo cred – Thomas Knights

As an extra treat, here’s a sneak peek of Sherlock’s first impression of Stan!

Sherlock looked this man up and down, reading his entire life in a matter of seconds. Late twenties to early thirties. His complexion and facial structure suggested Irish descent, probably second or third generation. Traces of dog hair along his trouser leg, which was slightly rumpled in a rushed attempt to lint roll it away. That indicated there used to be a lot of it, hastily cleaned after being alerted to an out-of-the-blue mission. It was a German shepherd, easily identified by the coloration and amount of hair that used to be present.

This agent came from a military family, his attentive stance suggested that, but due to his longer, casual hairstyle and frankly soft and innocent eyes, it was doubtful he’d ever really served. 

For good measure, Sherlock noticed a slight bump on the man’s sternum under his maroon button-down, one which he had a habit of smoothing down absently. It was important to him. The detective caught a glimpse of a silver chain peeking out under the agent’s collar, so it was a necklace, but upon reviewing the shape of the bump, Sherlock found that it was no pendant.

It was a ring. More specifically, it was a ring that would fit this man’s fourth finger. Considering the lengths to which the agent went to hide the ring from his likely traditionally-valued family and kept it hidden out of habit but close to this heart, Sherlock could only assume a secret engagement, presumably with another man since he was the recipient of the ring.

It took Sherlock less than half a minute to pick the man apart, and he didn’t even know his name.

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