Sam wouldn’t have much reason to keep it a secret from Dean. They had a rocky start at some points, but he trusts his older brother to not bother others in the wall, and getting the recipe out wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Dean considers his burgers perfect, though, so it better be a good recipe.


( x )

Sam is definitely not a fan of knocking holes in the walls to get things out, though Dean is known to go this route if he has to– Even going so far as to prompt his hunter-in-training, Jacob Andris, to smash into the walls during a scene in

Brothers Lost.

Sam blanched. “Are you nuts?! ” he sputtered. “What if there’s people living here in the walls? What if the humans see the entrance!”

“There’s already a break in the wallpaper!” Dean said stubbornly. “It was the only way for me to escape!”

Jacob paused, unsure of what to make of Dean’s suggestion. He’d never once thought he would actually be asked to break into the walls like this, by one of the people who called them safety. He didn’t doubt he’d be able to, but all the same it felt like an intrusion. If there were people living hidden here, it really was.

His slightly muffled voice was hesitant when it filtered through the wall. “Well, uh. Okay, guys. Stay right where you are.”

“Holy shit, he’s gonna do it.”

The wall a foot and a half away from them practically exploded inward. Jacob’s boot retreated from the strong kick and the parts of the drywall that he’d splintered sagged. Light broke in and illuminated the angrily stirring dust. 

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