The Lounge || Advent of the Deans (4 of 5)

With all the excitement at the bar, the teenager by the arcade machines wrapped up his game and stepped back, walking over slowly, watching the floor. In one hand, his young little brother was cupped, but little Sammy was watching Dean’s shoulder with something akin to awe. The other Sam was perched on a shoulder like it was nothing, chaperoning the kids.

“How come he gets to drink beer?” the young teenaged Dean bitched when he saw what Jacob had in his hands.

“Because you’re not old enough to drink in Ireland, kiddo,” adult Dean countered without missing a beat. “Come back in a few years and then we’ll talk.”

Jacob eyed the newcomers, even more bemused to find himself meeting yet another Dean. This one was younger than him this time, though he also had plenty of practice with the little guys.

Really little guys. The Sam on his hand wasn’t even three inches tall. Jacob wasn’t sure he would have recognized him as Sam normally. The details of his tiny face were lost even just a few steps away.

He smirked faintly and shrugged at the younger Dean. “My Dean gave me permission,” he quipped.

Even if it was cheeky of him, it was totally worth it to see the pouty scowl on the kid-Dean’s face. He shot a grin to the Sam on the kid’s shoulder. “Hey, Sam, Sam, and Dean,” he greeted, bemused as ever by the fact that there was more than one of the Winchester brothers here. “I’m Jacob.”

Oscar had wandered around the room again after they all had their meal. With yet more people coming in, he had decided to make himself scarce again, and greet them on his own time.

The new human was bigger than anyone he had ever seen in his life. Huge, and broad, even bigger than the adult Dean! Oscar all but dove behind the first structure he could.

It happened to be the bar. He found out when he wandered around a corner and found the bartender right there, amiably cleaning a glass while he listened in to the introductions on the other side. Deep voices mixed with the quieter cadences of more people Oscar’s size, but he wasn’t thinking about that.

He figured he should scurry back to one of the other tables. He didn’t want to be in the way.

As he turned, a shadow slid over him and he flinched. A hand dropped down in front of him, scooping under his feet. Oscar squeaked as he lost his balance and rolled onto a broad palm.

It was a familiar feeling, but he still curled into a ball as the bartender lifted him off the floor. He caught a glimpse of the man’s good-natured but very entertained smirk before the hand tilted. Oscar flailed his arms before rolling onto the polished wood top of the bar itself.

“Oh,” he muttered, counting how many people were around now. A lot more than he was used to, that was for sure.

“Hey, Oz!” at least two voices said in time, one older and one younger. The smaller Sam and Dean, sitting bemused at their bar, looked back at their larger counterparts.

“Oz?” the small Dean asked.

That was when the teenager Dean noticed a third version of him sitting at the bar. “Dude!” He scrambled into the seat next to regular Dean, letting his brother off onto the bartop to start over to Oscar and allowing the older Sam to climb casually down and saunter over to his Dean.

“Why’s everyone so surprised by me?” tiny Dean complained, eyeing up the younger version of himself with suspicion. After his larger counterpart had swiped him off Jacob, he was having a hard time letting his guard down.

“What happened?” the regular Dean asked, brushing a fingertip over the tiny spike of hair and getting cussed out.

Sam shrugged, sipping at his quart of beer. “Dad didn’t make it back in time, I’d say.” He eyed the two large Deans up. “I’m guessing that’s how you both got away.”

“Still couldn’t get Sammy out of the way,” the youngest Dean said grimly.

“But you caught him before Dad dragged you out of the room,” regular Dean corrected, softening as his own little brother walked past his arm to look at a Dean his size with fascination. “Coulda been worse.”

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