Day one  (Brothers Kept prequel)


“What… what happened?” Dean coughed, struggling to remember why he was laying on the ground looking up at the ceiling light, and why the ground felt so damned lumpy. A few of his hazy memories came back to him but all out of chronological order. He remembers walking into the motel from going to get some food for Sammy and five minutes in, he and his little brother were holding their heads in extreme pain. Sammy’s cartoons kept on playing along too loud, even though Dean told his 11 year old brother twice to keep it down before he left for the gas station. The TV volume hardly mattered at the moment besides drowning out their pained groans entirely from anyone outside of the motel room. They couldn’t cry out more than a plea for their brother to be aware that they were under some kind of attack before nothingness swallowed them whole.
Dean sat upright and the sight that greeted him had him more confused than anything at the moment. Somehow he was now in a massive space. Something towered to his left and in the distance he could vaguely make out other boxy shapes. Every one of them far too large and hazy at the edges to fully comprehend.

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