Future possibilities and plans

There is quite a bit planned for the future of the Brothers Apart multiverse, and the last few posts of the day will be offering a bit of a peek at some of them!

As for the immediate future, this is what we are planning on addressing:


Artwork by @mogadeer


A future OC that originates in London, Harmony has been one of the leaders of a community of borrowers from a young age.

Possessing a strong knack that allows her to help her community stay safe and undiscovered, Harmony has spent her life bringing in those that are lost or need homes. As an albino borrower, she prefers the darkness and is an expert at finding her way around when everything is pitch black. 

One day in the future, Harmony will encounter the Baker Street boys. 

Harmony belongs to @nightmares06


Artwork by @ghostquack

Hanging out in the lounge

Welcome to the AU lounge! A place of relaxation conceived and helped designed by all the readers and visitors to the world of Brothers Apart! Stay awhile, kick up your boots, and have some pie! 


One of the most out-of-this-world locations for Brothers Apart would be the AU lounge, an idea that would never have existed without the readers!

Run by our resident trickster, the AU lounge is actually a pocket dimension that Gabriel created. With the otherworldly element that keys into its existence, the Gabriel here is not directly connected to any of the worlds the stories are from. He does, however, know about the goings on inside of each of these worlds, courtesy of his other selves. Thanks to his archangel nature, he is able to see through the dimensions and occasionally exchange news with the other Gabriels. 

It’s debatable whether Dean and Jacob from the horror story universe would be comforted to know that this Gabriel isn’t the one they encountered, but is instead a second Gabriel.

Did the world really need a second.

Artwork by @lamthetwickster

Oz, the Small and Tremulous


Where would Neon be without Oscar? He changed so quickly from a literally nameless OC for a contest entry way back when (I literally wrote in “OC” as a placeholder until his name came to me) to the adorable and beloved Oz he is today. It’s hard not to imagine him wandering his way into most of our AUs now, even as a tiny cameo if nothing else. I have had people ask me where he showed up in the actual Supernatural show!


If he showed up in SPN, this is probably the look he’d have for the brothers. They’re just so tall and he is so very very small.

Artwork by Heartstores (top) and @ghostquack​ (bottom)

So much art that we forgot this one…

It’s well known that we love to commission artists here to bring the stories to life, and because of that, there’s quite a lot of art going around that’s related to Brothers Apart and the other AUs. 

Well, originally we got a piece of art commissioned for the showdown between Dean and Bobby Loran in There’s No Place Like Home, and… totally forgot about it when we posted the story.

So, enjoy! Here is Dean, ready to take on his giant adversary!


Artwork by @homeiswheretheheartsare

The creation of knacks vs Sam’s demonic blood abilities

Looking back to where Brothers Apart first started, Sam was originally going to have the same abilities that he had in the Supernatural TV show.

What caused it to change?

A lot of the story was still developing when Home was written, and it never felt as though the precognition truly fit with borrower Sam. The other borrowers were always meant to be a parallel to the special children in the series, but this was where they started to diverge.

Demonic blood wouldn’t fit, because the curse was linked to the shrinking and Celeste. So I threw out the entire concept, redid Sam’s ability, and from Taken on, he no longer has the ability to dream the future. Now, he’s got the perception to know when someone’s looking for him, the perfect ability to help a borrower survive.

The innate strength of the borrowers, which comes from the way they grow up with angelic Grace embedded around their souls, is an important part of the borrowers, helping them survive at the size they were cursed to be. 


So many other abilities followed Sam’s knack that we had to give them an official name, and knack fit best!

Nowadays one of the best parts of coming up with a new borrower character is imagining what ability they might have!

Artwork by @torchmlp

Aeternum sprites vs earthbound sprites

The difference between @nightmares06​‘s sprites and @neonthewrite​’s sprites

@nightmares06​ and @neonthewrite​ originally designed their separate species of sprites in completely different worlds, and though the differences between them are clear, the fact that they now technically live in the same Brothers Apart world means that sometimes the lines can blur.

The aeternum sprites are designed as elementals. Magic lives in their bodies and they are sustained by it as surely as we are sustained by water. 


If the connection to this magic breaks, they lose all of their abilities until the connection is fixed. If the break is bad enough, the sprite in question might forever lose their ability to touch magic, and will then fade from existence. For a water sprite, the immortals of the aeternum sprites, this would be akin to being trapped in limbo for all eternity, unable to reach out past their own body.

As elementals, the aeternum sprites possess power that could crack the world. Because of this, they were given their own dimension to exist in separate from the world. Here, they are able to answer summons from the gods or humanity, but will not destroy entire countries with their ‘play.’ The air sprites especially tend to be capricious and uncaring of the lives of mortals. 

Added to all this, the aeternum sprites are only female. There are no males to be found. As they arise from magic, they do not need to breed or have children. The gods have tended to these needs for them. 

Earthbound sprites, the sprites that we see in the book Bowman of Wellwood, are the ones that live in peace on the planet alongside humans. They are mortal and do not directly possess magic of their own, but their creator, the Spirit of their kind, allows them to ‘borrow’ magic when in need. 


For example, the sprite Rischa Songbird has a strong connection to the spirit. With this, she was able to help heal Dean Winchester when he was afflicted by the Lich’s blight. In comparison, Nixie the aeternum sprite could only heal Sam Winchester by immersing him in water and using her magic to repair the damage that had been done to his body.

Earthbound sprites, being extensions of a Spirit, are like tiny windows through which these otherworldly beings can influence the world. The Spirits can visit people in dreams, but rarely manifest in reality. The places they have touched tend to be rife with energy and are generally marked with some kind of fairy circle; the ring of trees in Wellwood is one example of this.

If someone knows how to look, they could also see the other way through these little spirit-windows. The Lich was a good example of why that’s a very Bad thing.

Artwork by @devria75​ (upper) and @ghostquack​ (lower)


Though @nightmares06​ has chosen to keep Sam and Dean as straight characters in her stories, as she has never been a shipper, there is LGBT+ representation to be found elsewhere. So though there will be no destiel, sastiel or sabriel, we will have other characters and other relationships to be seen!

Stan Baker is engaged to his fiance, Nate Sullivan. Though his role in Brothers Consulted thus far has been small, Stan will be appearing more and more often until he officially becomes a main character of the story. Nate will also show up in the future one day, but for now he remains the secret fiance that Stan has kept hidden from the others.


Much like the authors who write the Brothers Apart stories, Jacob is ace and uninterested in relationships, while his best friend, Chase Lisong, is bi and willing to try.


The sprites of Aeternum live in a world without men of their own species, so they tend towards relationships of the same sex. The water sprites are more likely to be ace, but fire sprites live for passion, and their relationships will burn as bright as their fires. 

Artwork by @lotminx​ (upper) and @thebrigeedadraws​ (lower)

The way that seasons are set up

In the Brothers Apart multiverse, a season tends to be a specific story arc. This can end on a cliffhanger or it can end on a resolution, depending on the development of the story up until that part.

Season One in Brothers Apart can be known as the “Getting to know you” season. Sam and Dean have just reunited, and they need to familiarize themselves with each other now that they’ve become so different compared to when they were children.

Season Two in Brothers Apart has the brothers finally on the same page, working as a team, and now an outside threat has begun to move against them. This is the “Teamwork” season.

Season Three, which will be the final season of Brothers Apart before the original story wraps up, is going to be the season that focuses on the antagonist, Celeste, and her connection to Castiel and the angels. This is the “Resolution” season. 

Brothers Consulted will be a slightly different setup. Much like the TV series Sherlock, this storyline will have shorter seasons, from as few as three stories in a season. Season One will still be the “Getting to know you” season for the flatmates, and Season Two will be the “Teamwork” season, but after that it’s going to diverge greatly from how Brothers Apart flows, starting with the “Understanding” season! Prepare for a rocky ride with this one!

Brothers Lost will be approaching its first season ending. It’s a Tall World After All includes a surprise in the story that no one will see coming, along with a brand new antagonist. 


Artwork by @ghostquack