Future storylines…?

As one of our last posts on this 5th anniversary, we wanted to let everyone in on a little secret of ours!

The development of new AUs hasn’t stopped, and we still have a few aces up our sleeves. One of the coming AUs will have a brand new acronym, and feature a favorite character in a different light, along with several characters who haven’t yet been seen in the stories!

Let’s hear it for BB!


Artwork by @mogadeer

The darker side of London

It’s no secret that in the London side of Brothers Apart, things are not as peachy as they seem. The black market is active with buying and selling borrowers as fancy ‘pets,’ and this has reached out to affect multiple AUs, including Brothers Apart when Sam was nearly sold off in Taken, and Brothers Consulted, where Baker Street was broken into by members of Gemini.

Brothers Kept, inspired by artwork from @wolfie180g​, is a look at this darker side of the world. If borrowers became publicly known, what would be their fate? This was an interesting topic to tackle, and Stan and Dean were the lucky pair to be thrown into it. 

This story will be darker than our usual AU, but it will also involve moments of fluff and calm for the pair while they discover more about each other. Dean considers Stan his ‘owner’ here, a complete upset of their regularly innocent relationship seen in other AUs.

Stay tuned for this AU in the future, to find out if Stan and Dean will ever get past this barrier between them to find out the truth behind the borrowers captivity!

Artwork by @wolfie180g

The fairy realms of Brothers Apart

Of the fairy realms, there are three:

Aeternum of the gods,

Avalon of the Seelie,

Pandemonium of the Unseelie.

Avalon, for the fae, is their realm of heaven. Here dwells the Summer Court and the good fairies. Beware making deals even with the good fairies, they will ensnare the unwary in their webs and bring them to their home to service the king.

Aeternum of the gods is the purgatory of the fae. The guardian sprites live within, closer to the human realm than the others. They will attend a summons for help, keeping the balance of nature as commanded by their creators.

Pandemonium is where the Unseelie live and where the Winter Court dwells. The fairy version of hell and where their devil reigns. The fae that live within are wicked and quick to anger, often declared outright evil, though much like demons there are shades of grey within this truth.


Artwork by @lamthetwickster

A match made in … heaven?

Dean and Sherlock, as anyone who’s read Brothers Consulted has seen, either get along perfectly or clash on every small detail!

The relationship between them is a lot of what helped drive the story forward to where it is today. Both Dean and Sherlock are geniuses in their own fashion (Sherlock more noticeably than Dean, but the elder Winchester has his own type of intelligence that is just as valuable). It’s a wonder that the flat survived their first encounter. 

These two are going to continue to baffle the others with their off and on relationship! What will they get up to next?


Artwork by @justanothergiant 

A pair of brothers united

One of the very few times Sam Winchester gets to be normal-sized in the Brothers Apart multiverse is the much anticipated Brothers United!

Left in a motel together with Dean while their dad goes on a hunt, Sam makes the discovery that there’s a kid living in this motel– and he’s only a few inches tall!

Befriending a kid that fits in his hand isn’t the easiest, but Sam is determined to make a good impression. The Winchesters have to figure out what to do with this tiny child and where he came from, they can’t just leave him to starve on his own!

@nightmares06​ and @neonthewrite​ are accepting prompts for this storyline while the crew is kiddos, so be sure to send them in if you have an idea!


Artwork by @justanothergiant

Musical inspiration

Supernatural is known for its classic rock music that the Impala plays constantly, and in the tradition of the show, the writers of the BA stories also find inspiration in songs. The songs we use might not be the classic rock Dean likes, but the music does what it’s supposed to and inspires the stories.

Here are a few songs that inspired the stories of the past and coming stories of the future:

  • Paint it Black – Cover by Ciara — There’s no better song to get evil with than Paint it Black, and this song inspired a lot of the writing found in Celeste’s backstory, Birth of a Nightmare
  • Glad You Came — Definitely played a big part in the ending of the first Brothers Apart season, where it ended on a peaceful note between Sam and Bree.
  • Titanium — The fire sprites of aeternum were inspired by this song, along with the scene of Ilyana and Nixie’s first encounter. 
  • Scream and Shout — @nightmares06 definitely wrote a fight scene in Clash of the Hunters to this beat. 
  • Shatter Me — A favorite from Lindsey Stirling, this song inspires an entire plot planned for a future Brothers Consulted story. 
  • Through Glass — This song plays a big part in a future Brothers Lost story, to the point where the story was named after a line in the song, Epidemic of the Mannequins
  • Hold My Heart — Another song from Lindsey Stirling, this time the song is a large inspiration for the character of Moira Wainscot.
  • The Phantom of the Opera — This song absolutely inspired a scene between Celeste and another hunter, taking place in the future of Brothers Lost. The second season finale, to be specific. 
  • Sitting on a Fence — One of many songs by The Housemartins that @borrowedtimeandspace uses for inspiration for Stan Baker, who most definitely listened to the band growing up. This song in particular helped conceptualize Stan’s side of Brothers Kept.

Artwork by @ghostquack

Future possibilities and plans

There is quite a bit planned for the future of the Brothers Apart multiverse, and the last few posts of the day will be offering a bit of a peek at some of them!

As for the immediate future, this is what we are planning on addressing:


Artwork by @mogadeer


A future OC that originates in London, Harmony has been one of the leaders of a community of borrowers from a young age.

Possessing a strong knack that allows her to help her community stay safe and undiscovered, Harmony has spent her life bringing in those that are lost or need homes. As an albino borrower, she prefers the darkness and is an expert at finding her way around when everything is pitch black. 

One day in the future, Harmony will encounter the Baker Street boys. 

Harmony belongs to @nightmares06


Artwork by @ghostquack

Hanging out in the lounge

Welcome to the AU lounge! A place of relaxation conceived and helped designed by all the readers and visitors to the world of Brothers Apart! Stay awhile, kick up your boots, and have some pie! 


One of the most out-of-this-world locations for Brothers Apart would be the AU lounge, an idea that would never have existed without the readers!

Run by our resident trickster, the AU lounge is actually a pocket dimension that Gabriel created. With the otherworldly element that keys into its existence, the Gabriel here is not directly connected to any of the worlds the stories are from. He does, however, know about the goings on inside of each of these worlds, courtesy of his other selves. Thanks to his archangel nature, he is able to see through the dimensions and occasionally exchange news with the other Gabriels. 

It’s debatable whether Dean and Jacob from the horror story universe would be comforted to know that this Gabriel isn’t the one they encountered, but is instead a second Gabriel.

Did the world really need a second.

Artwork by @lamthetwickster