OK here we go. Stan is a borrower and has been all his life. Someone caught him, decided that because he was small he had no rights, and sold him to someone in America. Then, Sam and Dean get wind of this shady operation and bust the joint, rescuing wee Stan. Obviously he doesn’t trust them at first because hello, huge humans, but they try. Though they are probably needlessly grabby at the very first unless Bobby was the one who sent them in which case he’d’ve warned them, “No grabbing! U scary”

Nice! Stan definitely gets shipped off and sold in America, but Sam and Dean didn’t really expect to find him when they were on a case… he was more of a little bonus XD

This is the way things will go down for the unlucky leprachaun lookalike in the newest AU, Brothers Chosen!

We’ll start putting excerpts up for it after #adod is done posting.

“Hey!” Dean blurted. The sight of the kid running away reminded him of the fight, and the knowledge that they were in the house of a witch.

They couldn’t take anything at face value.

“Get back here!”

Pushing himself up to a squat, Dean dove for the tiny person running from him, instincts screaming that he couldn’t let the guy get away. For all they knew, this guy was just as dangerous as the witch, and if he got under cover, they might not find him again short of burning down the house.

Sam tended to frown on such extreme measures.

Stan flinched again at the hunter’s booming voice and the vibrations through the floor as he moved, but he kept running. He only dared look when a shadow suddenly enveloped him, and he glanced back to find one of those humongous hands surrounding his entire body before he could cry out.

The little guy instantly curled into a ball, not wanting any of his limbs to get pinched between any of those massive digits, each as long as Stan was tall– likely longer! He let out a whimper as he braced himself for death by crushing. All it would take was a squeeze of the hunter’s hand, and Stan would cease to be.

A bit of the tension in Dean bled away as his hand closed around the tiny figure. His fingers sealed closed into a fist, and he was already going to stand up as he lifted his hand up from the ground.

The tiny guy inside weighed almost nothing, and didn’t put up a fight or even struggle as Dean lifted his hand up. If he didn’t feel the tiny guy in there, balled up in his fist, he wouldn’t believe he existed.

Then, there was no time to wonder at the tiny oddity he’d discovered. He heard a grunt from Sam and sprang into action. Sweeping the discarded knife from the floor, Dean heedlessly threw himself back at the fight, dropping the tiny person into one of the side pockets of his leather jacket and promptly forgetting him in lieu of the witch.

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