Side effects of Celeste’s curse

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What happens to people who are on medication when they are cursed?

Well, it depends on what they’re on medication for!

Celeste is, despite her current disguise, an archangel. Her grace has healing powers much stronger than what Castiel shows in Supernatural. The last thing she wants is any of her little experiments to get sick and die. 

The curse sends a victim into a coma for a week because their body has to adjust to its new size. Part of that is any illnesses they had will be cured. This doesn’t extend to any disabilities. Anyone that’s blind or deaf will remain blind or deaf. Mental health issues are not affected by the curse either. Infections can be deadly at that size as well.

However, sicknesses as deadly as cancer and asthma will be healed. Borrowers live naturally long and robust lives (barring any accidents), and they very rarely get sick because of the Grace inside of them. It keeps away illnesses.

Hope this answers your question!

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I’m kinda curious, what would happen if Dean met Bowman before he was reunited with Sam? Would he shoot first and ask questions later? Or would he still realize that Bowman is a person and attempt to be gentle?

Dean often does shoot first, ask questions later. In this situation, though, Bowman’s a small enough threat that if Dean finds him, he’ll probably just grab the small and bitchy green leafy thing to find out what it is, and they’d end up sassing back and forth for ten years before getting anywhere useful (without Sam or Jacob, there is no one to break the circle of doom those two can get stuck in).

Dean might be a hunter, but he prefers to think through a case when it doesn’t make sense, and considering the worst this leafy green guy did was bite him, it doesn’t look as though he’s out here, slinging magic and turning wolves against campers. They’d have a very awkward relationship, but they might manage it!

Bowman would definitely make things interesting for him. The little guy hides his fears with yet more snark, so it wouldn’t be immediately obvious that he’s freaked out by this human wandering around with guns and huge blasted knives, grabbing the fastest sprite in Wellwood out of the air. Dean would get quite a tirade of sprite swears shouted at him, in between Bowman trying to kick him and bite him.

As soon as he gets out of the jar, he swears he’s gonna bop that giant into submission.

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Would the ability to phase through solid objects work as a knack? It would certainly make getting into the walls easier.

It would for sure!

You’ve stumbled on a knack that a future character in the series will have (though they are not yet in any posted stories). However, it’s not as strong as they’d like.

An ability like phasing is one of the stronger abilities that a borrower could have, and it has severe limitations. The borrower can’t just phase through a solid wall without consequences. Especially starting out, they’re not going to be able to handle more than a thin sheet of paper. 

Training the knack might help them be able to handle a little more, but there’s always a limit. Paper is the easiest, fabric is a little harder (and it depends on how many layers of fabric there are), wood is possible, but they’re starting to reach limits of what they can handle especially with hardwoods. Placing metal around an object is a good way to keep this kind of borrower out, as they can’t just pass through it.

So, it’s a knack that exists, but the borrower would be walking a fine line with their ability and how far they can stretch it to get in and out of places.

Brothers Saved Dynamic

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How does the dynamic of Big Sam/Smol Dean interact with people like Bowman, Jacob, or Nixie?

Lol, these two will be a fun pair once they grow up!

Sam tends to be a bit more hands-off with smols compared to BA Dean. He’s far less likely to just grab, unless they’re a possible threat (he hasn’t dealt with any winged smols, so they’ll get nabbed).

Meanwhile, smol Dean is hyper and very likely to pounce on a stranger, he wants to know where they came from and why they’re here, and they better not be getting into his stuff!

Dean’s had a few less savory experiences with borrowers by the time he’s grown in that AU. People just keep mistaking him as Sam’s pet and trying to ‘save’ him! He’s quite happy sticking with his little brother. Who else is supposed to take care of the kid?

If Jacob’s human-sized, it all depends on how they meet. Dean is still as stab-happy as ever if he gets grabbed, but he’s also conditioned to interacting with humans more than borrowers, so he’s not going to be put off by the kid’s size. He grew up with a Sasquatch, after all.

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I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but what would have happened if John Winchester found both of his boys hit by the curse at the time that it happened? Would he have stayed with them or just dropped them off at Bobby’s?

It might have come up before, but I can’t remember for sure, lol.

John would have brought them to Bobby’s at first, because it’s one of the most secure places around for hunters of the supernatural.

Since both brothers are cursed, they can’t risk leaving them on their own. John and Bobby will work in shifts tracking the witch, a week at a time. When one’s on the road hunting her, the other is watching the boys.

Her trail evaporates very quickly, and it’s not long before John has to face the brutal reality of having two tiny children in a life of hunting. Bobby can’t watch them forever, and it’s not safe to leave them at such a vulnerable size.

It won’t take long for the brothers to feel more like a burden than John’s children in this scenario.

**I won’t write out this kind of scenario, mainly because John Win is a big source of writer’s block for me.

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Is there ever going to be a story with both Sam and Dean normal size with a tiny?

We actually do have a few planned out in the BA multiverse!

Brothers Chosen will have canon Sam and Dean discovering cursed Stan Baker the captive of a he-witch they’re hunting, and will have to figure out what to do with this tiny ginger after the case is over.

There’s plans for Jacob to be besieged by the canon-sized Sam and Dean, though this idea is only in the planning stages currently, and may change wildly when we begin writing it.

Brothers United pairs tiny Oscar with the weechesters, and will have a very different outcome than Brothers Together did when they were kids… This will be a lot of canon bros growing up with tiny Oscar!

Outside of the BA Multiverse, there’s also Neon’s story Beggars Can’t be Choosers, which involves the Canon Winchesters finding none other than little Oscar in their motel room. It’s from the Angel and the Mouse AU, which began with Quiet as a Mouse (with Castiel, Angel of the Lord, finding Oscar).

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How do Dean’s “big brother instincts” change from when he’s big and Sam’s little, to the opposite, and to when they’re both little? To clarify, as the literal bigger brother, I’ve noticed that he spends much of his time having to be so careful over every single action and his over protective side often makes him full of guilt and regret and it makes me wonder how that translates in the different situations.

Oh man. The way Dean’s big brother instincts change in the AUs is always so fun.

Big Dean and tiny Sam (’canon’ Brothers Apart):

Tries to big brother Sam. Discovers Sam values independence. Attempts to back down and totally fails. Sam lets Dean big brother him, all while amused at how much effort Dean’s putting into all this.

Big Sam and tiny Dean (Brothers Saved):

Fusses over his kid brother growing up. Will fight if anyone ever dismisses Sam in front of him. Only stands up to their dad if it’s Sam he’s standing up for. Sam will knock anyone’s lights out if they try and stop Dean from big brothering. Do not try to shush his big brother, thanks very much. 

Tiny bros together:

Mess with Sam and Dean will absolutely do anything to protect him. If he can’t reach Sam or is completely helpless (IE how Jacob first met Sam in Lost), Dean will attempt to bargain himself away if only to save his little brother. Fairly close to canon Dean in reactions.

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In the series, Sam believed in the Easter Bunny till he was eleven and a half. Does that mean that in the ba universe he stills believes in him?

Aww! The poor kiddo missed out on a few human experiences the rest of us have to deal with.

Of course, just because he didn’t have Dean around to break the bad news to him, doesn’t mean he didn’t learn the truth. He’s not separated from humanity like Asunder Sam was, and they do pick up a lot of gossip from the human chatter in nearby rooms, along with what’s on the TV.

Walt never really understood why humans needed to believe in giant bunnies that brought them candy and probably shattered Sam’s world with an offhand comment about it one day. Dean would have been in stitches to see Sam’s face.

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This might have been mentioned before but: Are there any au’s where the regular sized brothers find a tiny Jacob?

I think we got the question before, but it’s been a while!

We do have a storyline in mind for a tiny Jacob to meet up with canon Sam and Dean, we just haven’t had the opportunity to write it down as of this time. So, it’s in the works, along with quite a few others!

Tiny Jacob is just too much of a cutie to not put with everyone possible >w> 

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What’s Something Borrowed exactly in the ba multiverse? I mean, it looks like a au of itself but you never mention it when it comes to posting the au’s status… Just wondering:-)


We haven’t added this one to the full AU list because as of this point, no one has guessed the AU name (less important) or the plot of the AU (more important). We tend to keep storylines under wraps unless it gets guessed by one of our readers, after which we’ll give the big reveal (like Brothers Lost just had with the season finale shenanigans that we’re writing).

Right now, Something Borrowed falls under the Unknown AU sneak peek section:

and in the AU breakdown we recently did, it falls under the last bulletpoint: