Character Profile: Mallory Watch


Name: Mallory Watch

Age: 43

Height: 4′9″ || 3″

Species: Borrowers/Littles

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Gender: Female

Known Abilities: An adept seamstress who makes all the clothing for her family, and took the time to teach their neighbor Krissy how to sew just as well. She would have done this with her daughter Bree, but Bree was taken away before she was able to pick up the necessary skill.

Mallory is also quite good at getting her boys to get along, and has steamrolled right over Walt in the past when he grows intransigent. Don’t underestimate her just because she’s 3 inches tall.

Background: Mallory has been with Walt since she was a teenager, and had a child with him, Briella Watch. They’ve stayed in the Trails West motel for years, and lived in the bed and breakfast that it was before renovations. She may have passed away in Brothers Apart, but she is forever remembered by the children she raised and the husband she left behind.

Be careful. For me. Remember, just because he’s your brother doesn’t stop him from being dangerous, even just by accident.”

Artwork by @ghostquack

To Protect a Family


AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: Before Bree is taken

Walt nearly held his breath, his eyes locked on his target.

Sitting not one foot from where he was crouched in hiding, the dustbunnies looming over his head, a gleam of metal could be seen sticking out from underneath a bag casually dropped there by the room’s resident human.

Soon that man would leave, and Walt was banking on that man leaving behind the forgotten razor, a discard from his exacto-knife that meant nothing to the human but could mean the difference between life or death to the much smaller man.

Slow breath out, careful breath in.

Use the silence as a cloak. Walt’s hair, normally so vibrantly blond, was dark and dirty, coated in dust and dirt from the walls. His fair skin was the same, making him hard to spot in his black and brown clothing. Mallory had just made it, his darkest set for his supply runs. He was just a shadow in the dark, able to see his surroundings better than any human ever could in the shadows.

The creak of the floorboards under the human’s gargantuan weight heralded the man coming back over to the beds. A shadow fell over Walt’s surroundings, making him fade even more into the darkness. He shut his mouth tight, holding his breath.

The man never spotted Walt hiding there, or the discarded razor left behind. He merely grabbed his backpack off the ground, slinging it onto his arms with quick motions that would sent Walt flying, and headed for the door.

And that was it.

Walt remained in hiding for another ten minutes, waiting out the human. The roar of an engine was heard outside the door, and that quickly faded into the distance. Another human, off on another day of unimaginable activities and actions. Walt didn’t know what humans did with their time, but he knew what they did in the motel. It all seemed so calm compared to the fight he lived each and every day to keep his Mallory and Bree safe and sound.

Darting into the open, he scooped up the razor and tucked it into his jacket. Tonight he could check how sharp the edges were, and use the sharpening stones he’d slowly gathered to hone it into a weapon. Rats always tried to encroach on their home, and with this he now had a worthy weapon, ready to fight them off and protect his family.

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September 9th excerpt:

“You’re just as welcome to come visit as the others are,” Mallory said warmly, ignoring the eyebrow Walt arched at that. Before her mind caught up with the action, she’d raised her arms up for a hug, just like she’d done with everyone else.

Jacob’s expression was akin to a deer caught in headlights. His eyes were focused on the minuscule woman at the edge of the nightstand, arms outstretched. She was barely three inches tall, making her smaller than Jacob’s fingers, and she looked extra small standing near an alarm clock and a TV remote that both dwarfed her.

And she was expecting a hug. 

Oh. Crap. 

Sam and Dean didn’t think to tell them where they were going, so at first they might think the boys just went a little farther out in the motel to search for supplies. Eventually, they’ll realize they aren’t coming back, and they’ll go to Dean’s home to search. When they find it abandoned, they’ll be forced to think that the boys were kidnapped or taken away, just like Bree was.

One way or the other, Sam and Dean will have a lot of explaining to do when/if they get back there.

Fun facts!

Walt Watch. Our favorite borrower dad to watch as he yells and scolds hunters and humans. Did you know originally he was killed in the first story of BA?

You weren’t the only ones caught off guard by his return! A review on made me realize that no. He never was mentioned to be dead like Mallory was in the first story. I combed the pages, discovered he was still alive, and an entire story bloomed with him. He’s received more character development than I ever expected my smol borrower dad to receive, and I love him.


Picture commissioned from QuackGhost


73. Green


With a startled exclamation, Krissy drew her hand away from the needle she was trying to work with. A droplet of blood glistened on her fingertip, wavering as her hand shook.

“Here, let me see,” Mallory’s soft voice came, and a careful hand wrapped around Krissy’s slim wrist.

Mallory had decided to take the day to show Krissy some of the ropes on her sewing techniques. The boys were all out of the house except for Krissy’s younger brother, Bennett, who stayed back at her place to watch over their ailing mother. Sam and Walt would come back with enough food for both families, with any luck, and they would help support each other as best they could. It was good for Krissy to get out from time to time like this. She needed to get some space to herself, and she was one of the most adept people when it came to tiny, intricate movements.

They’d begun with dethreading some of the fabric Sam had found for them. A combination of blues and greens, Mallory was thrilled to have some color to work with for once. Krissy had claimed the green, and was trying her best to mimic the sewing techniques of Mallory. She was getting there, and one day might be able to make clothing like the jeans and jackets Sam and Walt were so fond of. Human designs really were versatile, no matter than they made the Watch family stand out among people their own size. It wasn’t like they went to gatherings very often.

Mallory blotted the blood from Krissy’s hand. “It’ll get easier as you go,” she said with a gentle smile. She held out her hand. As small and slim as her fingers were, the fingertips were covered with calluses from long years of sewing. Mallory poked at her fingertip with a needle. “I can barely feel it now,” she said with a grin.

Krissy’s eyes were wide. At just over seventeen, she idolized the older woman. Mallory was one of the few staples in her life, which was why she’d claimed all the green fabric. It was Mallory’s favorite color. If Krissy could make something to thank her with, it would need to be green.

Once her finger stopped throbbing, Krissy resumed her careful actions. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth and she concentrated hard on the fabric, determined to make the green dress that she saw in her mind a reality.


23. Flowers

How could he?

Mallory found herself accidentally ripping the fabric in her aggravation, instead of her nimble fingers slipping between the threads to coax them apart. Dethreading like this was the best way to get workable string, that wasn’t too thick for their delicate skin. Coarse fabric might be fine for humans, with their impervious skin, but it would chafe a person Mallory’s size.

Walt had the audacity to tell her that she needed to stay in the house. As though he couldn’t stay home for once and watch their toddling daughter, only just now taking her first steps.

Bree sat to the side on the floor, enthralled with the fabric toy Mallory had made for her. She hefted it up with a quiet squeal of enjoyment, her mouth widening in a toothy grin. She already had all her front teeth, and the back ones were starting to peek out.

It wasn’t that Mallory didn’t love spending time at home with her daughter. It was the fact that Walt always wanted to keep her inside. He never brought home the right colors for fabric, and she just wanted a chance to go out searching for herself. She could always just leave one night, she supposed, but that wasn’t fair to anyone. At least she knew that Walt was going to be out. He would fret if she vanished, but they couldn’t leave their daughter alone to search.

A scraping sound came from the entrance to their small home under the floorboards, and Mallory glanced up. Walt could be seen coming in with a sheepish look on his face. His hands were tucked behind his back.

Mallory stuck her nose up and turned back to her fabric.

She did her best to ignore him as he came over to her, one hand gently stroking down her back. He gave her neck a kiss, and she tried to squirm away, refusing to let him win his way back so easily.

“I thought things over,” Walt whispered, and that caught her attention. His voice was truly contrite.

She turned to him to grace him with a raised eyebrow and a severe look on her face.

Walt knelt down, his right hand still behind his back. “I talked to Katrine,” he said honestly, but continued before she could berate him for going to her best friend behind her back. “She is going to watch Bree for us tomorrow, so we can go out.” He gave her a hesitant, hopeful smile, pulling his hand from behind his back to reveal a purple snapdragon.

Mallory gasped in surprise as her hands flew to her mouth. The scent that washed over her meant it was a real flower, carefully gathered from outside where the motel they made their home in planted its gardens.

She took it carefully, stroking the soft surface of the flower petal.

“I don’t want to keep you locked up inside,” Walt said, his blue eyes full of remorse. “I just don’t want the humans finding you. You don’t even have a way to defend yourself! I need you – we need you. So… I’m sorry?”

Mallory sighed, and wrapped her arms around him to forgive him. She planted a soft kiss on his lips before nuzzling into the crook of his neck. “So where are we going while Kat watches Bree?” she asked, a pleased smile on her face.

Walt put two hands on her shoulders, pushing her away so they could look into each other’s eyes. “I was thinking we could spend some time under the overhang,” he said, his eyes glittering with mischief.

The overhang was one of three places in the motel that they could actually sit outside and watch the world pass them by. Fresh air, the wind on their faces, and enough cover to keep out of sight of any birds of prey that might hover around. Too high up for the humans on the ground to see them. There was another place Walt knew of, one he hadn’t shown her, that he used for his leatherwork. He would stretch out the hides of any rats he found and killed in the motel and leave them to tan.

They’d lived there since before it was a motel, back when Trails West was simply a bed and breakfast. Walt knew the layout of the place better than anyone alive, better than even the humans. He knew where to tap into the water so no one would notice, he knew (and had built, as the humans built) many ways in and out of the rooms near where they lived.

“That sounds wonderful,” Mallory said, leaning her head against his chest and listening to his heart beat. It helped calm her, and took away the rest of her anger from earlier.

Bree giggled over in her place on the floor, and tossed her fabric up.


Oh, what a good number for Walt.

36. New

A thin scream pierced the darkness.

Walt quickly had to pull his hand out of Mallory’s grip, shifting to cover her mouth and stifle her cries. Noise was dangerous, noise could get them all caught or killed.

Normally, Mallory knew this as well as Walt, but right now she was beyond caring.

“Shhh, shhh…” Walt comforted his little wife, carefully cupping his hand under her small chin to tilt her face towards him. “You’re doing great, sweetheart.”

Mallory’s shoulders shook, and tears ran down her face, but she met Walt’s piercing, blue-eyed gaze with her own. Her face was red, and her hair was streaked with sweat.

“Give her this,” Katrine said, bustling over to press a moist torn shred of a paper towel into Walt’s hands. “On the forehead, cool her down.” She grinned at Mallory. “He’s right, you’re doing great,” she cooed, long years showing in the lines on her face. “Brennan will be back with food for everyone.”

Walt dabbed the cloth against Mallory’s face, brushing the sweat away. He pushed away any of his fears for her, knowing how dangerous labor could be. If he’d known it was like this, he wouldn’t have wanted her pregnant, or to risk her frail constitution. But when Mallory had been Katrine’s midwife earlier that year for the quiet Krissy, they’d kept both the men busy and out of the house.

The next contraction hit, but this time Mallory held in her cry. Her body seized up, almost writhing.

“Walt, hold her down! Don’t let her get hurt!” Katrine commanded severely.

Walt took Mallory’s hand again, letting her slim fingers grab onto his and clench with all her might. Another contraction hit, and then…

A little cry came from where Katrine was, and she straightened with a tiny bundle in her arms, wrapped in the blue and pink cloth Mallory had made just for the occasion. With expert ease, Katrine swaddled the child up and gave Walt a brilliant smile.

“It’s a girl.”

Walt almost didn’t breathe as the tiny bundle was placed into his arms. Mallory slumped down into herself, almost shrinking into the nest of fabric they’d set up for her.

“Did you hear that?” Walt asked, his face glowing as he looked from the tiny child to his young wife. “It’s a girl. Briella, that’s Mallory, your mom.”

Mallory opened her eyes slowly, and managed a smile of her own. Walt knelt on the floor, and held the baby out to Mallory.

“You did it,” he whispered proudly.

June 21st excerpt:

“Oh! Okay!” Mallory hugged Sam back. “Don’t let me keep you then. Just be sure to stop in later to say goodbye, and Jacob, you don’t have to worry about stomping around so much when you’re in the room! We really don’t mind. There’s no need to put yourself out for us like that.”

Jacob chuckled sheepishly, the quiet sound barely echoing out of his chest. “Ah, yeah,” he muttered, thinking of his last few days in the motel. He had hardly done much walking around, except when training with the others. Ever since learning that there was a home under those floorboards, he had paid extra attention to the so-called “earthquakes” he caused when he walked. He’d avoided the small house entirely.

Even with Mallory’s assurance, he would probably refrain from walking around unless he really needed to. “Thanks. It’s pretty relaxing anyway, so don’t worry about me too much yourself.”