bftp – Brother (Bonds) from the Past. Jacob and Dean are both cursed, and Sam is not. Are Dean and Jacob at the same motel? I have a hard time believing that Dean would let Jacob out into the room by himself if he considered him a brother, but maybe Jacob learned to ‘bend the rules’ from Dean…? You guys do such an amazing job coming up with all these AUs and storylines. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into it and that you share it with us!

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B from the Past

Dean certainly wouldn’t go along with any plan to raid a room with a human like that in it, and didn’t. Jacob has something to prove! (And bad timing for when to prove it)

It means the world to hear how much you’re enjoying the stories. We put so much of our souls (and stress) into them during these (torturous) weeks of work! **hugs**

Actually, this is an idea we’ve had floating about since last winter, and I think now’s a good time to reveal the AU! We’ve got a plot planned out (and many, many cutes because it starts off with Weechesters and kiddo Oz), and just gotta get ourselves moving on it!

Even if the brothers aren’t cursed, this still occurs in a Brothers Apart AU, with the lore and characters we all know and love.

Brothers United– By chance, Sam and Dean go to Knights Inn instead of Trails West, and find themselves pushed into a world they never dreamed existed within their own.

He had to admit, these guests were unusual. Two younger humans, one of them a teenager, called the room their temporary home. Oscar hadn’t heard an adult in there since they checked in. For some reason, the two boys were on their own. It was kind of like Oscar, in a small way. They had their routines and they left the room during the days like most humans did. They didn’t have to mutter absently to themselves like Oscar, since they had each other to bicker with.

That wasn’t the difference that emboldened him to sneak into their room, though. Unlike Oscar, these strange young humans had food.

His entrance to this particular room came through a vent low in the wall. He had already waited a long time, watching for a chance. It had come when the older boy, a loud and confident type, had announced he was going to get them some dinner. Oscar wished absently that he could have given his own order just like the younger human kid, but it was imperative that they never know he was there.

If they found out he existed, they could capture him. They could hurt him or keep him trapped, a punishment for sneaking around and trespassing in their room. It never would matter that he was born in the motel. To a human, he was a pest invading on their space.

Despite the worry, he couldn’t ignore what he’d spotted under the table from a different vent. After the older boy took off, leaving the younger one sitting at the table, Oscar had hopped out of the vent and scurried under the dresser. From there, he had a straight shot to the dropped crumbs under the table, leftover from a bag of trail mix. He never even had to put himself in sight of the human, though he was as silent as ever as soon as he emerged from the other side of the dresser.

The human’s foot tapped against the floor absently, and high above him the underside of the table echoed with the scratching of a pencil. Oscar swallowed drily and steeled his nerves. The human was busy. He couldn’t see him and he wouldn’t hear him walking on the carpet fibers. This wasn’t even the first time he’d snuck under the table like this.

The vibration in the floor from the tapping foot was a drumbeat for his nerves. Oscar snatched up a discarded piece of granola, easily half the size of his head. Some days, that was enough for his one meal of the day.

This time, as he stuffed the food into his bag, he had a chance to grab more. A raisin, smaller than most, caught his eye near one of the table legs. He snapped that up, too, and it disappeared into his cloth bag.

He was ready to leave and dive back into the safety of the walls when he spotted it. A splash of color against the drab, faded pattern of the carpet. Oscar’s eyes were wide as he stared at it, and the tremors in the floor fell away for a moment. He’d never, ever seen candy left out before. He knew without a doubt that he was staring at a dropped piece of something more flavorful than he’d ever had in his life.

The only problem was it wasn’t under the table.

He glanced over to the tapping shoe again. The candy was out on the floor, a foot and a half and no farther from the table leg. It was on the side of the table where the human sat in his enormous chair, but so far the other kid hadn’t moved at all.

Did he dare risk it? 


This AU is full of cutes! We’ve got a full-sized Sammy and Dean, paired up with the smolest of the smols! Thank @justanothergiant for the wonderful work on the commission, they made the story come to life before it even exists!

“Sam, stop feeding him all sugar. Sam?!”

Brothers Saved: A Midnight Snack (4 of 4)

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14; occurs directly after Brothers Saved 2

The food finished quickly, and Sam once again found himself stretching to reach one of the pot holders Bobby kept by the sink. Dean stepped back on the table, closer to the center as Sam moved about the room, still adjusting to the sight of a giant like that.

“Ha!” Sam finally snagged the pot holder, snatching it from the wall. “Stupid thing.”

He was going to need to either grow a few inches or invest in a stool to reach stuff around the kitchen.

“You show ‘em, Sammy!”

With Dean cheering him on, Sam flushed red at the praise as he got a solid hold on the pot of boiling water, tipping it into a colander that was sitting in the sink, waiting for the hot dogs.

Five minutes later, Sam made it back over to the table in triumph with two plates and a bottle of ketchup. The first meal he’d done by himself.

Dean stepped over to the plate with one hotdog at the same time as Sam realized he’d forgotten one thing.

How was Dean going to eat a hotdog that was twice as tall as he was?

Dean was one step ahead of him. “Awesome!” he said, sitting on the lip of the plate and spearing the thick meat with a knife. “Mind giving me some ketchup?”

Sam obediently poured out a dollop of ketchup a few inches away from Dean, watching as his older brother sliced into the hotdog and quickly portioned it into pieces that Sam could barely see.

Sam was riveted watching Dean move. Such tiny, delicate movements that he’d miss if he looked away.

As such, it wasn’t until Dean had begun eating that Sam started on his own, using his fork to cut pieces off. There were no hotdog buns in the house. Or lettuce or tomato. Bobby didn’t exactly carry ‘high class’ meals, but it would do for what they needed.

When Sam took his first bite, Dean stiffened and angled himself so he wasn’t looking directly at his brother. Sam froze, realizing that the piece of hotdog he’d just eaten was the size of Dean’s torso, and his older brother was barely bite-size.

“You know you’re safe, right?” Sam asked, breaking his promise to himself to not poke at Dean’s pride. It was important for him to hear that from Dean. It was everything.

Dean glared, then looked away quickly again. “I know, alright?” he said in annoyance. “I just… This entire thing’s friggin’ weird, give me some time!”

Sam slouched. “Okay.”

Dean huffed. “It’s not you, so don’t go acting down on me!” he insisted. “I’m just… not used to anything like this.” He stuffed a bite of meat in his mouth. “See?” he asked past the hotdog.

Sam had to muffle a snicker into the back of his hand at that. “Whatever you say, jackass.”

Dean pointed his knife at Sam. “Better watch your mouth, bitch.”

Sam rolled his eyes and instinctively ruffled Dean’s hair. The spike bounced instantly back into place. “Jerk!”

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Brothers Saved: A Midnight Snack (3 of 4)

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14; occurs directly after Brothers Saved 2

The kitchen was only a few steps away now, and Sam quickly nudged the door with his boot, flipping on the light with an elbow so he didn’t have to open his hand up again.

“Made it,” Sam announced as he uncurled his hands and moved them to the table. Dean stumbled to his feet and dropped to his knees as soon as solid ground was under him, pretending to kiss the ground.

Sam rolled his eyes at the dramatics. “It wasn’t that bad!” he protested as he stood on his tiptoes to reach the hot dogs in the freezer.

“Says you!” Dean argued back, going to his feet again and pacing around the area. His old curiosity shone through as he investigated books that could be buildings and pushed around a pen that was three times his height.

Sam watched from a distance as he filled a pot with water, dumping three of the hot dogs into it and putting it on the burner like he’d watched Dean do before. Everything he did these days felt like he was mimicking Dean, trying to fill his brother’s shoes.

Dean sat down with a huff on one of the books. “At least the ground doesn’t move,” he said, rubbing his head.

“I wasn’t that bad, was I?” Sam asked worriedly.

Dean glanced up, the bridge of his nose pinched between two fingers. “Nah. Even the bed was getting old. Can’t stand without it trying to toss me to my knees.” He stomped his boot on the wood grain. “This is much better.”

Sam grinned, heartened to hear it wasn’t just him. “That’s good. The hot dogs’ll be done soon. Oh!”

Dean looked up at the sudden increase in volume.

“I almost forgot,” Sam said apologetically. He reached into his pocket. “This shrank with you but it fell out of your hands.”

He held his hand out to Dean, and Dean was drawn to his feet without thought. Sitting in the center of Sam’s palm, almost lost in a crease in the skin, was Dean’s colt. The gun entrusted to him by John, used to protect Sammy.

Dean didn’t even think about the size of Sam’s hand as he leaned a hand against the thick skin and reached over. The metal was warmed from its protracted time against Sam’s warmth, but the familiarity of that metal, the touch of the etchings under his fingers, it all felt right to Dean.

“I thought I’d lost this,” Dean said wonderingly, shifting it to catch the light. Reverently, he sat down and started taking it apart, practiced movements as he checked to make sure everything was in working order.

“I’ve got some extra ammo in my jacket,” Dean mused to himself as he snapped the barrel back on and sighted along his arm, taking care to never aim it at Sam. Small or not, the gun could still do damage. “Maybe enough to last until we figure this out and get me normal.”

Sam smiled, sadness in his eyes as he remembered each time John or Bobby had checked in. Unsuccessfully.

“Yeah, Dean. Normal in no time.”

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Brothers Saved: A Midnight Snack (2 of 4)

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14; occurs directly after Brothers Saved 2

Dean’s shoulder felt thin under Sam’s touch, but the fabric of his shirt was soft, and after a moment Dean leaned into it. With Dean staring in the opposite direction and Sam keeping his touch light, they could pretend things were normal.

Dean sighed, then slumped. “Fine,” he muttered, so quiet Sam had to strain to hear. Sam’s face split into a grin as Dean turned to him. “You can carry me.”

Before Sam could move to reach for him again, Dean jabbed out a hand, freezing him in place. “But!” he barked. “No sudden moves, no grabbing, and if I want off the Sam-coaster, you put me down! Capiche?”

Sam nodded. For this, he’d agree to anything. “Got it.”

Taking his fingertip off Dean’s shoulder, Sam flattened his hand on the bedcover next to Dean. “This work?” he asked hopefully.

Dean stared down at the hand. Looked at the fingers that could curl around his entire body, saw the twitch of the palm as Sam’s pulse throbbed beneath the surface. “Perfect,” he said to reassure Sam, though inside he was full of trepidation.

There was nothing left to it but to get in Sam’s hand, and Dean knew it. Bracing himself, he stepped up onto the soft surface, nearly faceplanting as the skin moved under his boot. Sam’s fingers twitched, and Dean glared at him.

“Sorry!” Sam said. “It… tickles.” He blushed bright red.

Dean huffed in annoyance without a comeback. “Whatever.” He walked to the center of Sam’s hand and quickly sat down. “Just get it over with.”

That was the end of Dean’s control over the situation, and he knew it. Sam’s fingers curled up, keeping his older brother in a bowl of flesh as he pushed himself to his feet. Dean clung to the thumb near him as the ground plummeted away, his face green at the thought of the heights.

Seeing this, Sam gently curled the thumb Dean was clinging to and covered Dean’s lap, making it into a makeshift seatbelt. Beneath Sam’s touch, those tiny legs shifted as Dean got into a better position, tugging the thumb tighter around his waist.

Sam had to hide a smile, recognizing the unthinking trust Dean had for him. It was enough.

Before he took a step, Sam also brought his second hand up to guard the edge for Dean, holding that hand against his chest. It gave the smaller Winchester a secure place to sit, especially as Sam went to take a step.

Dean’s tiny body wavered as Sam’s boot hit the ground, hugging the thumb around his waist tighter. Sam knew better than to tease him for that, realizing Dean was actually afraid of what they were doing. If this didn’t go well, Dean might refuse Sam’s help the next time they needed to change room, and Sam dreaded Dean’s reaction to someone else’s hands. Their dad was their dad, but John could be heavy-handed with Dean’s training.

“Heavy-handed" took on a whole new meaning with Dean now, and Sam was determined to shield him from what he could.

Sam carefully pushed open the door to the room, only taking his guarding hand for a moment to do so. Dean shrank against his stomach, and Sam bit his tongue to keep from saying a word and possibly bruising Dean’s pride by pointing it out.

Another step.

Once they were over the threshold, it felt like it got easier with each step Sam took. He flicked on the light over the stairwell, then found himself wondering which would be worse for Dean– seeing where they were going and when Sam would start descending but also possibly spotting the height of the stairwell, or not seeing anything and not knowing when Sam was going down the stairs, but also guarded from the sight of the drop.

Either way, Sam didn’t want to risk tripping on his way down, so the light stayed on.

The trip down went swiftly, and Sam made sure to not draw it out even when he felt Dean shrink down around his thumb.

“Almost there,” Sam murmured reassuringly as they reached the ground floor, and his mouth twitched into a smile as Dean predictably punched his fingernail.

“I’m fine! Never better!” Dean protested his reassurance, but a bit of relief lurked in those defensive words.

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Brothers Saved: A Midnight Snack (1 of 4)

Looks like everyone’s as exited as I am to get a bit more of the BS bros out there! We left Dean hungry, time to go fix!

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14; occurs directly after Brothers Saved 2

Sam’s free hand moved at Dean, and he found himself leaping backwards off the other hand to avoid the grab.


Sam froze in place, his eyes wide. There was no mischief hidden in those eyes, just concern and worry.

“You… you wanted food, right?” Sam asked softly. “That’s downstairs. You…”

He trailed off, looking away. Dean followed his line of thought, inserting his own words into Sam’s voice.

You need help getting there.

Dean’s lips thinned into a line. True or not, he was wary of hands that were as big as his entire body. Sam could pinch him between two fingers if he got annoyed, and Dean could remember them arguing on more than one occasion. All it would take was Sam getting annoyed one time, and those hands could turn on him.

They won’t, a small voice whispered in the back of Dean’s mind. He still looks up to you and always will.

Dean wasn’t interested in listening to such a voice, more concerned about his current predicament and how he’d manage to avoid being carried around like a doll. He held his hands up placatingly. “Can’t you just… bring the food up here?” he offered with hope that Sam would go for it.

Dean was allowed that spark of hope for a few moments as Sam thought it over, then it all came crashing down as he shook his head in a negative. “Dad said I can’t leave you on your own,” Sam said. “That means you have to stick with me when I go downstairs.”

Dean swallowed, growing more nervous at the reminder of stairs. Bad enough the bed was tall enough to be a building. Worse to imagine stairs that were higher, and being carried down them.

“N-no,” Dean said shakily. “I’ll wait here. I’ll be fine.”

The hand Sam had resting on the bed came to life, the larger-than-life movements catching Dean off guard and making him jump in surprise. Sam nudged Dean lightly in the side, almost playfully, though he was strong enough that his nudge almost sent Dean tumbling on the plush surface.

“Gonna live your life out on a bed? ” Sam asked, the humor not lost on him. “Dean, you’ve been sleeping for a week and I haven’t dropped you or let you get hurt. I promise I’m careful.”

Dean stubbornly stared down at the bed, refusing to meet Sam’s gaze.

Please, Dean?” Sam pressed, this time resting his chin on the bed.

“It’s not about that!” Dean protested plaintively, turning around on his heel and walking away from Sam. He knew if he looked into those eyes there would be no saying no. It didn’t matter that his strides were so small Sam could cross the distance in seconds. He just needed space.

“Then what is it about?” Sam asked softly, hearing Dean’s tiny stomach grumble again. It had to really be bothering him if he was ignoring food over it.

“It’s just–” Dean ground to a halt. “Everything’s so big! ” he complained, waving his hand over his head. “You, the bed… It’s all so high, and I can’t do anything now, not even get to the kitchen on my own!” He gulped as he tried to imagine just how far away that would be for him without Sam’s help.

“I’ll be careful, Dean, I promise,” Sam swore, inching his hand closer to where Dean was standing. That tiny back stiffened as though he could hear it, and upon reflection, Sam realized Dean probably could. “You’re safe with me and always will be.”

As gently as he’d ever done anything, Sam laid a fingertip on Dean’s shoulder, determined to not knock him off balance but wanting to offer his support.

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Brothers Saved 2

(( Back by popular demand! If you want to catch up on the storyline of these two brothers, check out the link!)

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14

“Tell me everything.”

Dean sat close to the edge of the bed, far enough away to avoid the vertigo looking down had caused him moments ago but close enough to stare expectantly up at Sam.

Nothing in Dean’s voice gave away the fact that Sam towered over him while sitting.

Instead of sitting on the bed like his older brother, Sam leaned against it, putting his eyes only slightly above Dean’s head. There was nothing but concern in those hazel pools, and that alone told Dean how serious things were.

Normally there’d be teasing. Banter. Good-natured jibes between the brothers that came as naturally as the sun rose. Instead, the tension in the air between them was so thick it could be cut with a butter knife.

Sam took a deep breath to steel himself, the humid breeze washing over where Dean sat. Dean refused to let any of his trepidation show. He was the oldest, therefore it was his job to reassure Sam, not the other way around. There was nothing else to it. Dean had spent his entire life looking out for the kid; that wasn’t about to change just because he’d lost a few inches.

Okay, maybe more than a few, Dean admitted to himself like he would admit to no one else, watching Sam fidget in place. The kid could star in Godzilla vs Mothra if he wanted to. Still doesn’t change a thing.

“You… you jumped in front of her attack,” Sam said, softening his voice when he saw Dean flinch. “The room turned white, and when it stopped… you were gone.”

Dean frowned at that. His own recollection from before waking up on the pillow at a fraction of his height was sketchy at best, but that light– an all-encompassing illumination– had haunted his dreams until it became his entire world.

“Dad broke the door down, and everything got real crazy,” Sam went on, looking down. “Everything was loud, she was trying to stop him… and I saw you. Just lying on the floor, barely a scrap of cloth. I… I almost didn’t grab you. I didn’t know it was you until I saw your hair.”

“That’s over now,” Dean said sternly, drawing Sam’s eyes back up to himself. Those huge hazels locked on him, making him stiffen in place.

Dean did what he could to suppress that instinct. This was Sam. They were still brothers. From the look on Sam’s face, the last thing he had to worry about was being in any danger in that gaze.“Yeah,” Sam whispered. He took a deep, steadying breath and his voice was more solid as he continued. “When Dad hit her, her hold snapped, and I fell. I grabbed you, then Dad hauled me up and out of the room.”

Dean didn’t say a word, and he worked to keep any emotion from crossing his face, but he turned slightly ashen to hear how close it had come. Giants fighting, John tossing himself into the fray in his somewhat reckless manner– especially when it was Sam in danger.

“We didn’t think you’d wake,” Sam trailed off. His fidgeting resulted in a hand reaching for Dean, then jerking back like he’d been burned. Remembering Dean’s first reactions to him after waking.

Dean hauled himself to his feet, gesturing for Sam’s hand. Sam hesitated, then put it down next to him. Instead of just touching it with a hand, Dean decided to lean on the hand like it was an offered seat.

“I’m awake now,” Dean said, his tone kind for Sam. “You did what you had to do, and got me out of there. That’s what matters.”

A smile edged its way onto Sam’s face, and Dean knew he was getting through to him.

“Whatever happens, it happens to both of us,” Dean said firmly. A finger beneath him rose up, briefly nudging him off balance, but instead of falling over, Dean found himself sitting further on the back of Sam’s hand. He snorted, then laughed out loud at how ridiculous it was. Dean Winchester, sitting on a hand.

Sam joined in, his laugh deeper and more rumbling than it was before, but just as warm and kind.

As they tapered off, a different sound came, and Sam blinked in surprise.

Dean reddened, holding his stomach. “Do you have any food?” he asked weakly.

Sam’s eyebrows went up as he held in a grin. “Sure thing. Bobby’s got hot dogs in the kitchen,” then snickered.

Some things never changed.

Brothers Saved ( 6 of 6 )

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14

Sam stared at Dean, and Dean stared right back at Sam.

It was like the world had frozen in that moment with the brothers’ first view of each other.

Dean, standing alone on the bed. He was crouched in place, one hand clutching his silver knife and the other held out to keep his balance on the cushioned surface. Sam stood by the door of the room, his finger still on the light switch, his eyes wide at how little Dean was.

A week of seeing his older brother crumpled and limp had helped prepare him, but Dean had no such preparation.

One foot edged backwards, and then another. Dean backed away from the giant form of his little brother, his breathing quickening as he took it all in. The bed, the window, the size of the door. The light overhead that might as well be the sun for all the good he’d do trying to reach it.

And Sam…

“W-who are you?” Dean shouted up at the giant in the room with him. “Where’s my little brother?”

Sam gulped, his eyes full of water. “It– It’s me, Dean,” he tried explaining. He took a step forward, planning on dropping to his knees to be back on the same level as Dean.

That was a bad idea. Dean leapt backwards at the step, almost falling on his ass when the bed didn’t cooperate. The silver knife wavered, then his resolve strengthened. “No,” Dean said firmly. “My brother’s not a giant! ”

Sam had no comeback, and let his hands drop to his sides. Dean took this as the time to glance around, quickly plotting out the room around him. Gotta find Sammy. So long as the giant in the room wasn’t grabbing at him, maybe there was time…

Then, a noise made him stop. Was that… crying?

Dean forced himself to look at the giant he’d woken up to. The kid had sunk to the ground and had his face covered, shoulders shaking. The sound of him crying sent a dagger through Dean’s heart, like he’d done it.

Before he knew what was happening, his legs carried him to the edge of the bed nearest Sam. That was when he realized that it was his little brother there, as insane as this fever dream was. Sam was upset because Dean was rejecting him.

“Sammy, hey,” Dean said, his voice losing the icy edge from a minute ago. “It’s okay. I’m here, it’s gonna be okay.”

Sam paused, peeking between his fingers. “You mean it?” he asked thickly.

Dean nodded. “Just like always. We’ll figure it out. Whatever this insanity is.”

Sam moved his hands down to his lap, staring at them as his fingers twitched with energy. His eyes were big and watery, but with a few gasping breaths, he started to come under control.

Dean forced a grin. “You’ve always got me watchin’ your back,” he promised, with no real idea what he was going to do now. Whatever had happened, he needed to look out for Sam, and he couldn’t let his little brother down just because he wasn’t so little anymore.


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Brothers Saved ( 5 of 6 )

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14

Sam slept peacefully on the floor, sprawled out in the collection of blankets he’d slowly amassed from throughout Bobby’s house. There were enough in the room to almost coat the floor by the end of the week. It was a comfort to have a place to burrow. For so long, he could steal into Dean’s bed if he got nervous and curl up for security.

Now, Sam was the bigger brother, and had no one else to look to while John and Bobby hunted the witch.

The night was cloying in the spare bedroom. Motes of dust floated in the little light that made its way through the only window in the room, moonlight illuminating the bookshelf across from where Sam rested. His breathing had long ago evened out into sleep.

This meant he missed the motion that happened up on the bed.

Dean woke with a start, his pulse surging with adrenaline as consciousness returned for the first time since the fight with the witch. He sprang to his feet–

–and immediately tumbled to the ground, landing on the cushioned surface with a frown.

None of this lessened the urgency in him. He needed to get out, find Sam, find John. That was it. Sam was in danger. He couldn’t remember from what or who, but he knew his little brother needed help now.

Shifting so he was on his hands and knees, Dean crawled across the white surface, confused by how big it was. Surely there was an ending to this white cloud of–

His next hand landed on empty air, and Dean went tumbling head over heels down the rest of the pillow.

It felt like Dean fell down that slope forever, but in reality it was only a few drawn-out seconds before he landed with a start on a slightly firmer surface. The muffled curses that spilled out of Dean’s mouth tapered off as he heard a sound in the distance. Like the steady breeze between the treetops, disrupted by the rush of an ocean.

Something was here with him, and from the sound of things, it was big.

Dean didn’t waste any more time. As soon as he realized there was something horribly wrong in his world, he was on his feet and running, trying to squint to see his surroundings and attempting to put as much space between himself and the thing as he could.


The voice that sounded out of the blackness made Dean trip over a fold in the strange surface he was running along, and he went sprawling. “Sammy?!” he called out, his heart lurching as he realized his little brother could be out there in the darkness, facing this thing on his own.

He stubbornly ignored the way Sam’s voice warped around him, the deep sound so out of place coming from his scrawny little brother.

There had to be an explanation for everything, there just had to be.

Something shifted from the side again, and it sounded like an entire warehouse of fabric was moving. Dean pulled out his knife, edging to the side and scanning the ground around him. Gotta find Sammy and get out of here before it finds me.

“Dean, thank god you’re okay.”

“Sam where are you?” Dean called out, trying to zero in on his little brother’s voice. It sounded like it was coming from the same place as the massive gusts, but that was impossible.

It had to be.

“I’m here.”

Even the funhouse mirror style of Sam’s voice was hushed as he spoke. The hairs on the back of Dean’s neck rose. “What do you mean?”

A light snapped on, and Dean finally saw where he was.

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Brothers Saved ( 4 of 6 )

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14

Throughout the next week, Sam waited at Bobby’s place. John and Bobby stopped in every few days to check up on him, and a few other hunters Sam recognized from stays in South Dakota drifted by. Some to help his dad, some just needing access to Bobby’s library on the supernatural.

Aside from John and Bobby, Sam was to keep Dean a secret from everyone. As far as any other hunter knew, the witch attacked the two boys in the motel room and now Dean was missing. Bobby didn’t want to risk any overzealous hunter assuming Dean was now dangerous because of his curse and attacking the boys while they were on their own.

Sam did manage to find a place to put Dean where he wouldn’t get hurt. He took the pillow from his bed and cautiously slid Dean onto the white cotton surface. There, Dean was cushioned from any sudden jolts, and Sam had both of his hands free. He debated about where to put the pillow for an hour before deciding to place it on the center of the bed and curl up on the floor next to it in all the blankets. It wasn’t the best, but it would do. Sam didn’t want to risk Dean stumbling off the pillow and falling onto a hard surface and maybe getting hurt.

Dean stayed with Sam wherever he went in the house. He was afraid to leave Dean on his own. Anything could be dangerous, and in the warm summer, there were more than enough bugs and rodents around to be hazardous to the smaller Winchester.

Sam barely noticed the time pass that week. All that mattered was his brother was okay. He hovered close by, always checking to see any sign that Dean was rousing. The longer he slept, the more Sam worried that he would never wake. The thought came to Sam on more than one occasion that the shrinking caused by the witch was a distraction and a way to keep them from taking him to the hospital to get proper care while he was in a coma.

Then, on the seventh day, things changed.

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