Brothers Saved: A Midnight Snack (1 of 4)

Looks like everyone’s as exited as I am to get a bit more of the BS bros out there! We left Dean hungry, time to go fix!

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14; occurs directly after Brothers Saved 2

Sam’s free hand moved at Dean, and he found himself leaping backwards off the other hand to avoid the grab.


Sam froze in place, his eyes wide. There was no mischief hidden in those eyes, just concern and worry.

“You… you wanted food, right?” Sam asked softly. “That’s downstairs. You…”

He trailed off, looking away. Dean followed his line of thought, inserting his own words into Sam’s voice.

You need help getting there.

Dean’s lips thinned into a line. True or not, he was wary of hands that were as big as his entire body. Sam could pinch him between two fingers if he got annoyed, and Dean could remember them arguing on more than one occasion. All it would take was Sam getting annoyed one time, and those hands could turn on him.

They won’t, a small voice whispered in the back of Dean’s mind. He still looks up to you and always will.

Dean wasn’t interested in listening to such a voice, more concerned about his current predicament and how he’d manage to avoid being carried around like a doll. He held his hands up placatingly. “Can’t you just… bring the food up here?” he offered with hope that Sam would go for it.

Dean was allowed that spark of hope for a few moments as Sam thought it over, then it all came crashing down as he shook his head in a negative. “Dad said I can’t leave you on your own,” Sam said. “That means you have to stick with me when I go downstairs.”

Dean swallowed, growing more nervous at the reminder of stairs. Bad enough the bed was tall enough to be a building. Worse to imagine stairs that were higher, and being carried down them.

“N-no,” Dean said shakily. “I’ll wait here. I’ll be fine.”

The hand Sam had resting on the bed came to life, the larger-than-life movements catching Dean off guard and making him jump in surprise. Sam nudged Dean lightly in the side, almost playfully, though he was strong enough that his nudge almost sent Dean tumbling on the plush surface.

“Gonna live your life out on a bed? ” Sam asked, the humor not lost on him. “Dean, you’ve been sleeping for a week and I haven’t dropped you or let you get hurt. I promise I’m careful.”

Dean stubbornly stared down at the bed, refusing to meet Sam’s gaze.

Please, Dean?” Sam pressed, this time resting his chin on the bed.

“It’s not about that!” Dean protested plaintively, turning around on his heel and walking away from Sam. He knew if he looked into those eyes there would be no saying no. It didn’t matter that his strides were so small Sam could cross the distance in seconds. He just needed space.

“Then what is it about?” Sam asked softly, hearing Dean’s tiny stomach grumble again. It had to really be bothering him if he was ignoring food over it.

“It’s just–” Dean ground to a halt. “Everything’s so big! ” he complained, waving his hand over his head. “You, the bed… It’s all so high, and I can’t do anything now, not even get to the kitchen on my own!” He gulped as he tried to imagine just how far away that would be for him without Sam’s help.

“I’ll be careful, Dean, I promise,” Sam swore, inching his hand closer to where Dean was standing. That tiny back stiffened as though he could hear it, and upon reflection, Sam realized Dean probably could. “You’re safe with me and always will be.”

As gently as he’d ever done anything, Sam laid a fingertip on Dean’s shoulder, determined to not knock him off balance but wanting to offer his support.

Asks and prompts open for this AU!  

More coming tomorrow!

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