Brothers Saved ( 4 of 6 )

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14

Throughout the next week, Sam waited at Bobby’s place. John and Bobby stopped in every few days to check up on him, and a few other hunters Sam recognized from stays in South Dakota drifted by. Some to help his dad, some just needing access to Bobby’s library on the supernatural.

Aside from John and Bobby, Sam was to keep Dean a secret from everyone. As far as any other hunter knew, the witch attacked the two boys in the motel room and now Dean was missing. Bobby didn’t want to risk any overzealous hunter assuming Dean was now dangerous because of his curse and attacking the boys while they were on their own.

Sam did manage to find a place to put Dean where he wouldn’t get hurt. He took the pillow from his bed and cautiously slid Dean onto the white cotton surface. There, Dean was cushioned from any sudden jolts, and Sam had both of his hands free. He debated about where to put the pillow for an hour before deciding to place it on the center of the bed and curl up on the floor next to it in all the blankets. It wasn’t the best, but it would do. Sam didn’t want to risk Dean stumbling off the pillow and falling onto a hard surface and maybe getting hurt.

Dean stayed with Sam wherever he went in the house. He was afraid to leave Dean on his own. Anything could be dangerous, and in the warm summer, there were more than enough bugs and rodents around to be hazardous to the smaller Winchester.

Sam barely noticed the time pass that week. All that mattered was his brother was okay. He hovered close by, always checking to see any sign that Dean was rousing. The longer he slept, the more Sam worried that he would never wake. The thought came to Sam on more than one occasion that the shrinking caused by the witch was a distraction and a way to keep them from taking him to the hospital to get proper care while he was in a coma.

Then, on the seventh day, things changed.

Asks and prompts open for this AU! More coming tomorrow!

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