@neonthewrite– That sounds fantastic. The sprites have probably experimented with some of that before, at least a little. They have some efficient ways of keeping their homes warm, but no one’s perfect and I bet a time or two, juice has frozen over. Sam could pretend he’s having an icee if they crushed it up to eat it.

If Bowman got his tongue stuck on ice, he’d probably never hear the end of it from Sam. There would be lots of confused fluttering and then pouting from the little sprite!

@nightmares06– Sam loves showing Bowman new things, and he’ll certainly have fun in the winter when it snows! Just think of how big those snowflakes will be when they fall. They won’t melt instantly when Bowman or Sam hold them, so they’ll get to see them better than ever!

And plenty of teasing when Bowman got his tongue stuck, before helping him out.

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