Brothers Saved 2

(( Back by popular demand! If you want to catch up on the storyline of these two brothers, check out the link!)

AU: Brothers Saved

Timeline: Sam is 10, Dean is 14

“Tell me everything.”

Dean sat close to the edge of the bed, far enough away to avoid the vertigo looking down had caused him moments ago but close enough to stare expectantly up at Sam.

Nothing in Dean’s voice gave away the fact that Sam towered over him while sitting.

Instead of sitting on the bed like his older brother, Sam leaned against it, putting his eyes only slightly above Dean’s head. There was nothing but concern in those hazel pools, and that alone told Dean how serious things were.

Normally there’d be teasing. Banter. Good-natured jibes between the brothers that came as naturally as the sun rose. Instead, the tension in the air between them was so thick it could be cut with a butter knife.

Sam took a deep breath to steel himself, the humid breeze washing over where Dean sat. Dean refused to let any of his trepidation show. He was the oldest, therefore it was his job to reassure Sam, not the other way around. There was nothing else to it. Dean had spent his entire life looking out for the kid; that wasn’t about to change just because he’d lost a few inches.

Okay, maybe more than a few, Dean admitted to himself like he would admit to no one else, watching Sam fidget in place. The kid could star in Godzilla vs Mothra if he wanted to. Still doesn’t change a thing.

“You… you jumped in front of her attack,” Sam said, softening his voice when he saw Dean flinch. “The room turned white, and when it stopped… you were gone.”

Dean frowned at that. His own recollection from before waking up on the pillow at a fraction of his height was sketchy at best, but that light– an all-encompassing illumination– had haunted his dreams until it became his entire world.

“Dad broke the door down, and everything got real crazy,” Sam went on, looking down. “Everything was loud, she was trying to stop him… and I saw you. Just lying on the floor, barely a scrap of cloth. I… I almost didn’t grab you. I didn’t know it was you until I saw your hair.”

“That’s over now,” Dean said sternly, drawing Sam’s eyes back up to himself. Those huge hazels locked on him, making him stiffen in place.

Dean did what he could to suppress that instinct. This was Sam. They were still brothers. From the look on Sam’s face, the last thing he had to worry about was being in any danger in that gaze.“Yeah,” Sam whispered. He took a deep, steadying breath and his voice was more solid as he continued. “When Dad hit her, her hold snapped, and I fell. I grabbed you, then Dad hauled me up and out of the room.”

Dean didn’t say a word, and he worked to keep any emotion from crossing his face, but he turned slightly ashen to hear how close it had come. Giants fighting, John tossing himself into the fray in his somewhat reckless manner– especially when it was Sam in danger.

“We didn’t think you’d wake,” Sam trailed off. His fidgeting resulted in a hand reaching for Dean, then jerking back like he’d been burned. Remembering Dean’s first reactions to him after waking.

Dean hauled himself to his feet, gesturing for Sam’s hand. Sam hesitated, then put it down next to him. Instead of just touching it with a hand, Dean decided to lean on the hand like it was an offered seat.

“I’m awake now,” Dean said, his tone kind for Sam. “You did what you had to do, and got me out of there. That’s what matters.”

A smile edged its way onto Sam’s face, and Dean knew he was getting through to him.

“Whatever happens, it happens to both of us,” Dean said firmly. A finger beneath him rose up, briefly nudging him off balance, but instead of falling over, Dean found himself sitting further on the back of Sam’s hand. He snorted, then laughed out loud at how ridiculous it was. Dean Winchester, sitting on a hand.

Sam joined in, his laugh deeper and more rumbling than it was before, but just as warm and kind.

As they tapered off, a different sound came, and Sam blinked in surprise.

Dean reddened, holding his stomach. “Do you have any food?” he asked weakly.

Sam’s eyebrows went up as he held in a grin. “Sure thing. Bobby’s got hot dogs in the kitchen,” then snickered.

Some things never changed.

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