BA Canon: Yes


During the two month stay at the motel while Sam’s arm heals

( Part 1 of 2 )

“C’mon, slowpoke!” Kara hissed.

Sean, bringing up the rear by at least six inches, scuffed his feet against the ground. “What if we get caught? ” he asked plaintively.

She giggled. “We won’t get in trouble, silly. I promise, it’ll be fine!”

“But Walt…”

He was cut off when she darted back and grabbed his arm. She dragged him the rest of the way down the tunnel, all the way to where the exit was. “We’ll be fine! Just a quick look!”

Out in the motel room, night had fallen. Steady breaths could be heard from the towering bed above their heads, one huge arm draped off the side and motionless. Kara pushed Sean over to the bed cover, and they both used the thick fabric to climb up.

Dean was motionless up on the bed. One hand was draped over his chest, the left hand with his ring on it. The second hand that would normally have that massive, clunky watch on was hanging off the edge. Kara waved Sean on encouragingly, then scrambled up to Dean’s stomach. She bounced a little on the cushioned surface, laughing at the way her feet sank into the skin. If only he let them play like this when he was awake! But they had a plan tonight, and she tried to focus on that.

“See?” she whispered to Sean. “He’ll never know! His ring’s so big. We can just take a peek.”

Sean, spurred on by curiosity, followed her up the stomach and on to the chest. They arrived at the massive hand. Huge fingers were stretched out, a small space created under the arch of his palm that was actually big enough for them to fit under. Sean’s eyes widened at the thought. It had been less than a year since he’d been a human, and now he could hide under a hand with no one the wiser.

While he was staring in amazement, Kara snuck past him and slipped under the hand. “Whoa,” came her small voice. She stroked the thick silver, staring at the nicks and scratches that covered it. She couldn’t imagine how someone could actually have scratched up such a powerful looking ring.

Curious, she wrapped a hand around it, testing the thickness of the metal.

While she was under there, Sean’s eye was caught by something even more interesting. Moonlight glinted off a brass amulet, resting peacefully on Dean’s chest, another thing that they’d never even come close to. He slunk up to it, carefully eyeing Dean’s face to see if there was any sign the hunter had noticed them there. But the human slumbered on peacefully.

Sean nudged the amulet, then picked it up. It was heavy and solid. Instead of being cool to the touch like he’d expected, the brass face had picked up the body heat of its owner and was warm to the touch. A hand wrapped around the thick cord that it would normally hang suspended from, slipping up it to stare at all the small threads that were bound into one. It was amazing for Sean to think that when he was a human he couldn’t have even seen the detail that was in these objects. Dean couldn’t even see half this detail.

The hunter suddenly shifted, sending Sean sprawling a few inches down. Kara clung to the ring in surprise.

Dean’s hand lifted up, taking Kara with it. She gave a squeak of surprise as it passed over Sean, then over Dean’s face. Her fingers – clammy with sudden nerves – slipped, and she fell.

Right on Dean’s nose.

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