Actually, the only Jacob in the Brothers Apart stories/AU’s that is from the timeline where he met up with Bowman will be the Jacob that will appear in Brothers Apart itself in a future story. Otherwise, each time you see Jacob Andris appear, it is a different Jacob who took a different path… just like how Sam and Dean are different in each one.

I think Dean might have a much easier time with Jacob if the teenager had already encountered a certain sassy sprite. These two will be butting heads right from the get-go!

“Why do you think I did it?” Dean growled at the human, his voice bouncing off the curved wall of glass he was stuck behind. He pointed up at the ceiling he couldn’t reach. “The next time I stick you in a coffee pot like the morning brew, we’ll let you make the decisions.” He crossed his arms, prepared to do what it took to outlast the human. He’d never give away the others, and he was prepared to deal with the consequences for that decision.

Jacob’s eyebrows shot up yet again. He had to wonder where the little guy was keeping all that sass stored up, because it didn’t look like it’d fit in his tiny frame. He pondered the snarky words while the little hands brushed at those tiny clothes. Every movement was so familiar, but in such a small miniature that Jacob could almost miss it if he wasn’t looking right at the little guy.

“Come on, man, I already said I’d letcha out. No need to make such a big deal out of it when you’re the one who was sneaking around in my room,” he pointed out. “What were you-” he started to ask, but his eyes flitted to the white styrofoam takeout box still resting on the table.

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