Oh my, I think you just made my day, ha! This was wonderful to get!

I never would have thought of watching Supernatural without reading other Supernatural gt stories, so I’m glad to return the favor! I watched an episode when I discovered I really liked those two characters, and I really just wanted to know what they sounded like (I couldn’t go too far without stumbling over pictures of them).

The rest is history.

I’m so glad you love the stories and the rest of the characters! I don’t think I could write without them. The world is flat without some variety, and I aim to get it right whether I’m playing around in my own Aeternum or dipping into the Supernatural cast and dragging Bobby out for a story or two. And my god, Walt… he’s come so much farther than I ever thought he would. Though, to be honest, he has a tendency to do his own thing and I swear I keep thinking he’s going to get himself killed one of these days.

It’s also fun in the AUs to see how a character can be tweaked by different circumstances so they react differently. So, so much fun.

You put a huge grin on my face!


Nixie commissioned from the wonderful aibyou

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