Thank you for your words of support!

It was hard, but my editor and I had vastly differing opinions on things, and because of that we’d argue about them and I discovered that when this happened, any desire to write would vanish like it was never there. So, I cut things off completely for myself, and I know they probably see things differently. I was tired of dealing with writer’s block constantly, and being talked about behind my back for ‘not listening’ about stuff to put for my own damn story, and it was for my own sanity.

Now, I’ve got three different editors, depending on which series is being worked on at the time.

The other series are not yet ready for editing, and when they are we’ll have one of our loyal editors take a look at them. Because it was posted as we wrote it, Brothers Together has no editor and each part is posted as-is.

Brothers Apart won’t ever be abandoned, that’s for sure, but once A Lich of Sense is finished posting we’ll let one of the other AU’s shine in order to let me have time to work on the future stories. Don’t worry at all, anyone, all AU’s have my ‘verse style brothers, just in different interaction types, like Brothers Lost, where they are both smol (and I love them so)


Tiny Dean commmissioned from the wonderful @homeiswheretheheartsare

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