Sorry about that!

As much as I love Archive for its ability to group stories by series, it also mashes everything together if you search by works. On my deviantart page, I’ve actually crafted a listing in order, so you know where each story goes. Found here.

Also, if you go to the Brothers Apart tumblr on an actual web browser, not the app, my lovely cowriter @neonthewrite took the time to put a place for all the stories.


The Stories link will take you to a page that has all the stories listed, and you can toggle between AUs and prompts, and there’s a section with all the upcoming sneak peeks as well. Currently, only Brothers Apart and Brothers Together are listed because the other AUs haven’t been released. This isn’t because we don’t want to! I just can’t physically manage more than three weekly updates. Soon, the other AUs will appear there as they are posted. We honestly can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.

Daily excerpts are not meant to be confusing, and they aren’t meant to go with any of the stories that are posted. Those are simply a way for everyone to see what we’re working on currently. It’s little snippets from our daily writing, geared to avoid spoilers but letting people know we’re hard at work. So far, we’ve had excerpts from Brothers Lost and Brothers Asunder, both series that have not yet been released.

Read all daily excerpts from the beginning here.

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