May 17th excerpt:

With one hand locked onto the edge of the pocket, Sam pushed up on the flap. Between the brothers, he would be able to know if anyone was about to look at him. Over time, the ability was growing stronger and the longer he spent around friendly humans, the more he realized it actually differed, depending on the human and the circumstances.

If a person glanced in his general direction, it felt like nothing more than an absent chill across his neck. Goosebumps and the hairs raised, Sam used to brush off the sensation before he knew what it was telling him. Direct eye contact from a friendly humans like Jacob sharpened the impression, putting weight on his neck.

Neutral humans, or people who could be classed as purposely dangerous, gave him a feeling of burning. It hurt, it sent pain down his nerves just like a hot brand pressed against his skin, and it took time to wear off.

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