We are just as excite for it! Have a snippet to read ^-^

“I’m near the village, yeah. I’m guessing I’ll have to get over there before Bowman freaks out about squirrels or something but … well I probably won’t miss your arrival.”

“You know me,” Dean quipped lightly. “I’m just the life of the party. You know you can’t wait to see me arrive.” Despite his words, he couldn’t help but worry as well, a fact he was trying to keep hidden. Unlike Bowman, Jacob had no wings to use to escape any animals out there. And unlike Sam, he wasn’t used to being small. At least Sam could put his expert climbing skills to use finding hand- and footholds to scramble up a tree if he had to. Dean doubted Jacob would fare any better than Dean himself at that type of venture.

“You get yourself to safety, alright? We need our hunting buddies all in one piece, downsized or not. That’s what’s important here.” He moved on to packing up Sam’s belongings, a small bed and desk Bobby had found for them after discovering the small Winchester was still alive. In fact, it had been Bobby’s gentle prodding that had galvanized Dean into building a Sam-sized panic room under the seat of the Impala, so there was a safe haven for Sam and Bowman if they ever needed it. There was a variety of threats out there for guys their size, and Dean was determined to give his brother every advantage he could provide.

“Yeah, I’ll… I’ll do that,” Jacob answered uncertainly. He glanced over at the stream. There were supposedly stepping stones for the flightless sprites to cross the stream safely, but he couldn’t imagine them being easy. The sprites grew up with wings and judged their entire sense of balance on them. Jacob didn’t have that kind of advantage.

If this is a party, then where’s the beer?

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