Oh, is that what nightmares prefers? I had no idea. 

Truthfully, I like both brothers equally. “All these new stories with tiny Dean” amount to one AU out of … six? Seven if you count BA. Only one of them includes Dean being tiny in the premise. The main reason we have so many ideas for it is the novelty of having both brothers small instead of only one. It adds a different level of interaction between the brothers and anyone else around, and adds variety to the AUs. Spice of life, which is why it’s so fun to do every once and a while.

I’m pretty sure that Dean will disagree with you about him having all the disadvantages compared to Sam, but you’ll just have to read on. And his height disadvantage to Sam is tiny. Even full sized, Dean is over six feet tall and Sam is six foot four. Both of them are taller than the average.

Plus, currently no one is driving the Impala. I’m betting if they do get her up and running, driver beware if they don’t listen to Dean.


From my end, writing these stories with smol Dean has been a blast. Jacob may be super fun to write as the small one, but at the end of the day he was written to be a gentle giant. I think smol Dean (with the smol Sam that he will protect to the end) is a great counter to Jacob’s character.

And, like you said, tiny Dean is fresh. A lot of stuff goes with a small Sam, which we all love, of course, but there’s not a ton of tiny Dean material out there. Considering we had ideas for 6 stories all one after the other (we didn’t stop with Brothers Lost for a month or two there), it’s clear there’s things to explore that simply don’t come up when Dean is tall! Sure, he’s got some extra challenges now, but he’s a little fiery ball of determination and trust me when I say that he at no point lets it keep him down for long.

Dean’s the boss. He sure won’t let anyone forget it. 🙂

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