( Figured I’d combine all of these into one post since they all go together, really )

You got it! The bad guy for #coth is none other than Logan Guthrie, the main antagonist of Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood! For anyone who’s read that story, you’ll know that he’s pretty irrational when it comes to the sprites, and now… it’s time to find out exactly what would happen if we put him up against none other than Dean Winchester in a fight for the Wellwood forest.

As for

#coth, for each story excerpt we put up, the second tag on it is the acronym of the story name. For example, we have #trnt for all excerpts for The Road Not Taken. It makes it easy for me to organize a link for anyone to check out certain story excerpts, and it’s also a hint at the story names that might appear in the poll.

Which brings us to the last question! Normally, we’re not going to share the story name ahead of time, but today I’ll make an exception. I’m very proud of this name (we came a long way from the beginning when the names were ‘Family Ties’ and ‘Chasing Family’). Logan and Dean will be starring together in Clash of the Hunters!

Of course, you still don’t know which AU this will take place in 😉 There’s so many choices with a tall Dean and a small Sam.

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