Sneak Peek of Brothers Consulted!

Saving people, solving crimes
The flatmate business

( Sam and Dean by @nightmares06, Sherlock and John by @borrowedtimeandspace )

“John,” Sherlock greeted, sparing a glance in his flatmate’s direction. That split second was more than enough for Sherlock to register the confusion, utter shock and disbelief fighting for attention on the doctor’s face as he stared.

At the sound of the second human coming into the room, Dean backed himself against the far wall of the jar. He pulled out his hook, wielding it as a backup weapon and knowing it wouldn’t do much if he needed to defend himself. That didn’t matter; if he was going down, he was going down fighting. There was no way to know how this human would react. The first one’s reaction was bad enough.

Sam could feel the weight of the gaze on him double in intensity, and he tried to make himself seem smaller. He put his hand on his own weapon, using the feeling of the hilt in his hand as an anchor. If they tried anything, he could defend himself. It didn’t matter if it was useless, it was better than being trapped in a beaker or a jar.

Dean jabbed his hook in Sherlock’s direction. “Just because we’re trapped like rejects from Land of the Giants doesn’t mean we’ll answer your questions like good little captives,” he growled, refusing to show any weakness in front of the new giant. “Now let my brother go.”

John blinked hard, trying to force the hallucination out of his sight. It had to be that, or Sherlock drugged his tea again… But no. One of the little figures spoke quite harshly to Sherlock. At the mention of a brother, John’s eyes darted to the large beaker. He’d almost missed the other person entirely, curled as he was into a ball of stress and fear.

“Oh God,” he breathed. These were people. Much smaller than average, but people all the same.

He walked numbly forward, a million questions flying around his head at once. The more pressing one stuck out just as he came to stand next to the seated detective.

“Sherlock, what have you done?” he demanded, his attention split between his sociopathic friend and his captives.


Artwork by the ever-wonderful @lamthetwickster!

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