One of my favorite Disney flicks! Boy, what an ‘Ember Island Players’ moment that would be, though. If the movie did exist, John would probably bring it home on an impulse buy and insist they all watch it, just for funsies.

Despite the different era and the mice, they can’t deny the uncanny resemblances between themselves and the characters in the movie. Sherlock immediately points out that Dawson is exactly John, while the poor doctor wouldn’t say exactly. (”I’m not that round…”) Sherlock, of course, is universally declared to be Basil by all, even hesitantly by the detective himself. I can hear the bros and John pointing at the screen at certain points of the movie and exclaiming, “That’s so you!” to Sherlock, to his bewilderment. 


Aaa, it’s been so long since I saw that movie! I think Sam would be pretty amused, and definitely want Sherlock to get a basset hound. Clearly Sherlock needs a dog, right? And Dean is certainly going the hero of the story and save them all.

And, since this actually falls really close, I think you’ve earned a sneak peek of a future planned storyline– for Brothers Apart! Where Sam finds a mouse and Dean dubs him ‘Squeaklock Holmes’ (I wonder how Sherlock would take the name).

Sam couldn’t help a small scoff. “Don’t tell me. I’m not the one you almost killed just now.”

An expression of hurt flashed over Dean’s face at that, but he nodded in understanding. “What’s his name?” he asked gently. Dean had been told in the past how Sam had raised a mouse of his own. Sam had explained to him it was like having a dog, and mice could be just as loyal. The one he’d raised for a few weeks as a child had visited him many times, often bringing him small trinkets.

Sam shook his head, rubbing the russet mouse’s head behind him. “He doesn’t have a name. He’s the one that guided me to the hexbag. They knew it didn’t belong in the walls, and they wanted me to get it out for them.”

Dean’s hand lifted off the floor, reaching towards Sam and the mouse. “Hey, there, little guy,” Dean coaxed, trying to get the mouse out of hiding. “I won’t hurtcha, I promise.”

The mouse let out a little squeak of fear, trying to keep Sam as a barrier between him and the approaching hand. “It’s okay,” Sam said reassuringly, “he really won’t hurt you, now that he knows you’re not attacking me.” He knelt down, putting an arm over the mouse’s back for support and scratching behind a rounded ear.

The mouse relaxed slightly at Sam’s steady calm and twitched his nose hesitantly in the direction of Dean’s outstretched hand. Dean held his hand motionless as the mouse sniffed his finger, letting him familiarize himself with the hunter’s scent. Maybe he recognized Dean’s scent from Sam earlier, because with an approving squeak, the mouse lightly nuzzled his finger in return.

Dean gently ruffled the fur on the top of the mouse’s head. “Well, since Sammy hasn’t given you a name yet, how’s ‘Squeaklock Holmes’ sound?” he asked, eyes flashing briefly to Sam for approval. “After all, he’s quite the mouse detective, finding that hexbag for us.”

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