July 13th excerpt:

Lunch took half an hour, and Dean spent most of that time patiently scanning the world outside the Impala. He couldn’t stomach the thought of food, so he fiddled with the paper bag the sandwich had come from, hoping maybe Sam would think he’d eaten a second sandwich. Maybe he’d been too distracted to listen to Dean order, or–


Dean lost all hope of sliding this one past Sam when he heard the disapproving tone in the soft voice down on the seat. He turned his eyes down to where Sam was standing with his arms crossed, right next to the parted foil wrapper of the sandwich. Clearly, he knew Dean had never ordered more food. Not that Dean had held out much hope of slipping it by Sam. He never could.

With a wan smile, Dean gave it his best shot. “I just figured you might want seconds,” he said in a half-hearted protest, waving the food off.

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