Artwork by @homeiswheretheheartsare

Once everyone had their drink in hand, Dean offered up a toast. “Here’s to getting our resident Sasquatch back to properly towering over everyone around.”

“A-goddamn-men to that,” Jacob agreed, lifting his silvery handmade cup in cheers. He was so, so ready to get back to normal after his misadventure. Bowman shifted his own bottle cap (which was like a washbasin to Jacob) in an awkward imitation of the others, glancing at them to make sure he got it right.

Jacob had to chuckle. Bowman at least knew what a toast was because he’d had it explained to him before. Multiple times. He was shaky on the purpose of some human traditions, and Jacob was often at a loss for what to tell him. After all, a lot of human traditions came out of freaking nowhere.

Of course, in such cases, Bowman was never short of commentary on how silly that was.

Jacob took a drink, slowly savoring the mix of flavors in the beer. It was a local brew, and one of his favorites. Now that they were all past the mix up at the store, he had a chance to appreciate the fact that Dean had taken him up on his recommendation. Bowman took a drink of the stuff too, and Jacob grinned to see the sprite’s usual appreciative reaction to it. Seeing it in such a scale was interesting, too.

Bowman smirked, taking a second drink of his beer before speaking his mind. “Yeah, we gotta get Jacob back to normal before being the tallest goes straight to Dean’s head.”

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