Spritely Facts:

Nixie’s affliction is caused by a dissonance in her mind. On one side, she is forbidden to do anything to stop Ilyana, or any other sprite. Technically, this stands for them as well, they cannot interfere with anything Nixie does. Because Ilyana was already on earth, working towards her own ends, this makes her purpose come first, or ‘primary.’ The bond with Sam was all that prevented Nixie from turning on both boys like the rest of the fire sprites. Surrendering to it – so completely that even her mind was lost to the bond – was all that kept her magic from dissipating.

They may be sprites in name, but a more fitting description would be to call them elementals. Their power was too much to have on the earth, so each of the four were sequestered to Aeternum upon their creation, to wait for when they were needed by either the gods or any mortals to discover their summoning. They do have the ability to leave Aeternum on their own via the portal used in the first story, they simply don’t see any reason to. Probably for the best for all involved, as passions can run high when the different sisters encounter each other.

Another reason they are technically forbidden to interfere with each other… can you imagine the power of a sister squabble if she has the power of a tidal wave or an earthquake at her beck and call? Humans call a fight like that a cat fight, Aeternum sprites call them Armageddon.

One last important note: Aeternum sprites are all female, and call each other ‘sisters,’ regardless of element. They are also asexual, by and large with a few exceptions, and have no desire to seek out intimacy the way humans are drawn to each other. This does not, however, prevent them from seducing a person. This isn’t a form of sexual attraction for them. It is a different style of manipulation, and the sprites are well-versed in the art.

Wonderful artwork of Nixie under her affliction commissioned from Mogadeer (tumblr – 

mogadeer). If you ever want a picture of your character, she is highly recommended! She’s done such a wonderful job on all the ideas I’ve had. 

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